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DON’T LET LIFE BE A PAIN IN THE NECK INSIDE: • Telehealth • Relieve Neck Pain In Minutes • Patient Success Spotlight • Jed’s Couch To 5k Plan

Whether you have new neck pain and headaches or have been suffering for a long time, seeing a physical therapist at Partners In Physical Therapy can help you return to a more active and pain-free life. Give us a call at 337-439-3344 today! with daily. It isn’t always the result of something large. While being in a car accident or experiencing another sort of injury can definitely lead to chronic neck pain, the cause of the issue isn’t always as simple to identify. Sometimes it is a bad habit that you don’t really think twice about, like your habit of watching TV as you fall asleep, keeping your neck at an odd angle as you rest for the evening, or maybe as a result of your posture as you type at your desk every day, hunched over at the shoulders with your neck catching the brunt of your slouch. These poor habits are common, and most of us consider them to be harmless. Sure, you know it isn’t great for you, but what is actually going to happen? It’s a lot easier to slouch as you type, and who doesn’t want to catch a few late-night laughs as they fall asleep? But the reality is that these seemingly irrelevant habits could be putting undue stress on your neck, and if you aren’t careful, this could translate to regular and uncomfortable headaches that are difficult to get rid of.

THE CONNECTION BETWEEN NECK PAIN & HEADACHES: Headaches have a bad habit of making their appearance at themost inconvenient times. The middle of the workday, early in the evening when you have hours of responsibilities ahead of you, or even first thing in the morning when you are trying to pay attention to your morning meeting — headaches don’t care how important the work ahead of you is. When they start, they are hard to stop. There are all sorts of reasons why headaches may develop. From environmental factors like weather changes and exposure to certain perfumes or other scents, to stress and allergies, headaches happen to the best of us. However, there are some headaches that may be a bit more predictable than others. Factors like your posture, the type of mattress you sleep on, the pillow you use, or even the desk chair you sit in at work can all impact your risk for experiencing regular headaches because of the intricate network of nerves and muscles in your neck. WHEN NECK PAIN LEADS TO HEADACHES: The majority of the time, neck pain starts out as a seemingly small concern. A crick in your neck here or there may start to develop more frequently, and before you know it, your experience of neck pain is something you are dealing

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The health and safety of our patients and staff remain our highest priority. Partners in Physical Therapy is closely monitoring recommendations and protocols established by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and local health department. Please find below additional updates and reminders from our clinic on how we can continue to treat our patients in a safe and healthy environment.

Telehealth and Discovery Calls:

• We are offering virtual appointments to our existing patients as well as new patients. These visits are offered through a secure platform on your phone, laptop, computer or tablet. • We are developing self help resources that will be available on our Facebook and Instagram pages. Check out our Facebook and Instagram pages. • We are offering FREE Discovery Calls with our licensed therapists. These are great options for people who can’t get into a healthcare office but have aches, pains or problems that need to be discussed with a Healthcare provider.

guidance designating physical therapists as “essential critical infrastructure workers”. Physical therapy services play an essential role in keeping people we can help, out of doctor offices and emergency rooms to support in flattening the curve of the COVID-19 pandemic. We are currently accepting limited appointments in office for patients that are in severe and debilitating pain, please call our office for details (337-439-3344). We will continue to update our Partners in Physical Therapy family and friends. We thank you all for your support and look forward to seeing you soon!

Physical Therapy Appointments:

The Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security issued a memorandum and associated

Partners In Physical Therapy Offers Mental Health Services! Together, Erin and Partners in Physical Therapy have embraced the wellness model that recognizes mental health as an integral component to successful patient outcomes.

Erin is taking new patients and even hosts “Mindfulness Minutes” sessions every day on Facebook Live at 8:30 AM. Check one of these sessions out on our Facebook page next time you’re feeling overwhelmed!


Patient Success Spotlight



This program is designed to help motivate patients and the community to move from the couch to walking or running a 5K in 8-10 weeks without causing pain or problems. You can start anytime! We will provide a weekly “to do” along with supportive videos to walk you through the process. The videos will be posted every Monday on FB and Instagram. At your own home and your neighborhood with no special equipment needed. Patients and the community, even kids can join in with you! Wewanted to provide a fun andmotivational activity to get people safely and slowly progressing towards a goal and achieving some fitness and even weight loss in the process. At the end of this program, we hope to have a community event where we all walk/run together to celebrate everyone’s accomplishments... we can’t say for sure what this will look like because no one knows but we will be ready and waiting for the opportunity to celebrate together.


“I am most grateful to Michella and the entire staff at Partners.” “Before treatment at Partners in Physical Therapy I could not comfortably sit to watch a movie and sleeping was uncomfortable. I had dull, aching pain in my hip and low back. Additionally, there was significant imbalance from side to side in my yoga practice. Now, I can comfortably watch a movie while sitting, am pain free, and the imbalance from side to side is negligible. I am most grateful to Michella and the entire staff at Partners. I think I have worked with just about everyone and they have all contributed to my success.” - A.T.


Relieve Neck Pain In Minutes Try this movement if you are experiencing neck pain.

Relieves Neck Pain


SOFT TISSUE RELEASE Take a sock (or towel) and a tennis ball to perform this exercise. Place the tennis ball in the sock. Drape the sock over your shoulder so the tennis ball is against your upper back in a place where you have a tight muscle or localized pain. Now, lean against the wall so the ball presses directly on the affected area. Apply as much pressure as you can tolerate and so you can breathe comfortably. Hold it against that spot for 30 seconds to 2 minutes, or until the pain dissipates. You can roll your back up and down and side to side against the wall to create a self massage effect.

If this exercise does not provide you relief/help, please consider an evaluation to see if we can identify the source of your pain.

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