2021 Fall Program Guide

Miamisburg Parks Update

New Parks Signage

Miamisburg’s parks are getting brand new entrance and rules signs this Fall! These signs will brighten our parks and help guide users to all the greenspaces Miamisburg has to offer. New rules signs will also have a full Parks Map on the back of each sign. These maps list out all Miamisburg’s parks and their amenities. All new parks signs are created with a highly pressurized paper interior making them environmentally friendly and sustainable. Purchase of these signs made possible by a grant from the Montgomery County Solid Waste District. To find out how you can help protect our community’s natural resources, visit www.mcswd.org


New Park Entrance Signs

PARK RULES Park isopen fromsunrise tosunset. Petsmust beona leashat all times. No bicycles, roller skates or skateboards are permitted inplayareas. Scheduled use of park shelters and athletic facilities takesprecedenceover all other uses. Children 7 and under must be accompanied byanadult at all times.

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For a full list of park rules, visit: Playmiamisburg.com/about-us/rules-regulations/

Scan here to report concerns or damage. This park is regularly inspected by Miamisburg Parks & Recreation staff.

Miamisburg Parks & Recreation Playmiamisburg.com • 937.866.8999

New Park Rules Signs

Employee Testimonials

Have you ever thought about working at the pool, golf course, day camps, parks or events? Here is what a few of our 2021 seasonal employees had to say about working their summer withMiamisburg Parks &Recreation! Join th team today!

“My favorite thing about working for Miamisburg Parks & Recreation is being a part of the Miamisburg community! Getting one-on-one interactions with community members every day.”

“My favorite thing about working for the Miamisburg Parks & Recreation department is working in a fast paced, ever evolving field that helps me grow and learn every day.”

-Zoe Harville

-Justin Shatto

“My favorite part is all the new experiences I’ve have been able to have and all the new friends I have been able to make throughout the years I’ve have worked here.”

“My favorite thing about working at the STAC is that everyone is basically your friend and it’s easy to communicate with them.”

-Nate Lentz

-Adam Dearth

“My favorite part is the personalities you’ll meet and the connections you’ll find through the Sycamore Trails Aquatic Center.”


Working for the City of Miamisburg in the Parks & Recreation Department is your chance to make a difference! Working in Parks & Recreation is the perfect way to earn some money and build your resume. Whether this is your first job, dream job, encore career or something in-between, going to a job you love every day is something everyone wants.

-Lizzy Trimbur

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n m o r e !


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