2021 Fall Program Guide

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This season tell us about your Parks and Recreation story! Parks and Recrea�on are at the center of so many experiences and memories - o�en our first experiences in nature, the introduc�on to a new hobby or sport and learning about healthy lifestyles, connec�ng with our neighbors or oppor- tuni�es to build lifelong skills. Parks and Recrea�on con�nues to offer opportu- ni�es to make las�ng memories for each of us! Our wonderful parks and recrea�on facili�es provide safe and welcoming spaces to gather with friends and family, sites to celebrate life’s special moments, spots of respite and healing, places that connect us with diverse opportuni�es and essen�al services, and community hubs for people of all ages and backgrounds. Since 1977, the City of Miamisburg Parks and Recrea�on has been the primary provider of parks and recrea�on services within the community. Over the years, we have heard countless stories about your favorite moments at the park, in nature, on the court or on the ball field, in the pool, with canine friends, and at community events. Our shared experiences make up a strong, vibrant, and resilient Miamisburg.

We invite you to share your story this season!

• How has Parks and Recrea�on made an impact on your life? • Why do you love Miamisburg Parks and Recrea�on? • Which parks or facili�es are special to you?

Tell us about your favorite Miamisburg Parks and Recrea�on program or ac�vity, share your most memorable moments! Share your favorite Parks and Recrea�on stories by scanning the QR code.

Program Age Breakdown Look for Program Icons!

0-5 6-12 13-17

Preschool Youth Youth/Teen Adult Senior/Older Adult

Fall, Winter and Dog icon watermarks will be on some programs that are specially designed for holidays and pups!

18+ 55+

All information related to programs, events & facilities are subject to change pending current public health & safety guidance. 8

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