Teen Grief

Exercise releases endorphins, naturally produced in the body, that enhance the immune system, relieve pain and reduce stress.

• Find a happy place - Meditation, deep breathing and laughing can

also produce endorphins. It’s okay to enjoy something funny and to laugh. Laughing the first time after you have lost a loved one can be difficult but is important to experience. Some people find sorrow too difficult

Find an outlet to express what you are feeling.

and turn to alcohol or drugs to ease the pain. Unfortunately, there is no easy fix to make the loss easier to deal with. Alcohol and drugs may make you feel better

immediately by allowing you to forget about the situation, however ultimately they will cause more problems. Alcohol and drugs are likely to make the situation more difficult to cope with, because both will contribute to irrational thoughts and depressed moods. They can also get you in trouble as both are illegal for anyone under 21. Turning to destructive behaviors won’t stop you from grieving, and may actually make it worse. Some people think a person grieves a death and then is “over it.” Grief doesn’t work that way; it’s not wrapped in a neat little package. Some well-meaning friends may encourage you to “move on.” Many people don’t feel comfortable talking about death or grief, or perhaps they don’t want to see you feeling sad anymore. It’s okay to grieve in your own time and in your own way, despite what others want for you. Often friends or family just don’t and Healing


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