Teen Grief

Tips for Caregivers of Grieving Teens: • Offer clear, specific kinds of support, such as talking with a counselor, journaling, allowing them to vent their feelings, It’s important for teens to

get back into a routine as soon as possible.

finding ways to honor their loved one, and maintaining family traditions.

• When they express something, restate that information so that they know that you have heard what they are saying. • Watch for unusual behavior or physical symptoms that they may not notice. • Get back into a routine. • Meet with the school and/or teacher to let them know what has happened. Some schools can also offer support in terms of flexibility and grief resources. • Be honest with them. They will learn how to grieve by watching you. • Encourage them to participate in activities or things that they would like to do to remember their loved one or just make them feel good. • Most importantly, be loving and supportive as they go through this challenging time.


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