Teen Grief

thing. This could be a healthy way to grieve for you and not for others. As a result, it can be hard to figure out if what you are thinking or feeling is normal.

Defining Grief

If you were close to the person who was killed, just after the crash, you might be thinking about your loved one constantly. You may see your loved one as you daydream or picture him or her in the crash. Even though thinking about the crash may frighten or bother you, your mind continues to take you there. You may want to know

exactly how your loved one died and whether he or she suffered. These thoughts may

Intense thoughts and

keep you up at night or cause nightmares. Your mind is trying to make sense out of something it cannot, and you may continue to think about it over and over again, hoping for some kind of answer. These are some thoughts and feelings that are common while grieving: • Disbelief – you can’t believe that it’s happening or real • Numbness - not feeling much of anything • Anger - feeling mad at people or the situation • Guilt - feeling like it’s your fault, or that you wish you had done or not done something • Sadness - feeling really low, maybe the lowest you’ve ever felt before When a sudden death occurs, people tend to react with disbelief. They may deny feelings are normal after a crash.

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