Engaging Communities Through Issues Forums

Appendix 11: Focus Group Questions (2021)

Individuals from a variety of community sectors were invited to a focus group. We conducted this online with breakout groups. Notes were taken in a google doc. Information was then processed and used for the development of content and themes for the 2021 Forum. 1. From your perspective, what Covid-19 related disruptions have you experienced or witnessed related to food systems? (Labor, markets, processing, distribution, human distress, managing change in day-to-day operations)

Prompting questions:

a. From your perspective, what was the impact of those disruptions on the financial, mental, or physical health and well-being of the farming population?

b. From your perspective, what was the impact of those disruptions on food security: availability, access, and affordability of farm related products?

2. What actions were taken to address the disruption(s)?

a. Did they work? How effective were those strategies?

3. How do you orient or talk to people about the topic of food system disruption(s)?

4. What Covid-19 related opportunities have you experienced or witnessed?

a. Were those opportunities at the farm, community, or greater policy levels?

b. What actions could be taken to sustain these opportunities?


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