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Figure 3 shows a Farm and Farm Family Risk and Resilience Socio-Ecological Model developed by Braun and Pippidis (2021). It illustrates the relationship of multiple levels (or environments or systems) to each other. The model shows that levels beyond the first three (individual, interpersonal, and farm) are in the public domain. Those include community, organizational, and the policy/enabling environment levels. Actions and decisions made at one level usually affect the other levels.

Figure 3 - Farm and Farm Family Risk and Resilience Socio-Ecological Model

From: Braun, B. & Pippidis, M. (2021). Building farm and farm family resilience in our communities: A guide for Extension professionals to engage strategically. (2nd ed., 1st rev.). Extension Foundation. ISBN: 978-1-955687-00-3.

This model was created in response to concerns about the stress load impacting farmers, their families, farm workers, and the farm itself. Most of Extension’s response has been focused on the individual through stress management education. A public issue approach acknowledges that individual stress management is necessary but not sufficient.

We believe that a sustainable change approach to resilient farms and farming populations must go beyond teaching stress management to individuals and families or risk management approaches to farm operators to how to address policies, systems, and environments

(Braun & Pippidis, 2021).


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