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The process of Strategic Doing™ uses four appreciative questions and ten rules. Four appreciative questions define actionable outcomes and set a timeframe for accomplishing them (Morrison, 2014, 2018). Unlike strategic planning, these questions turn ideas into actions within the span of this single session. Participants walk away with their to-do list and the time frame to complete them. The four are:


What could we do?

2. What should we do? (Convert opportunity to outcome.) 3. What will we do? (How can we take steps together to move to outcomes, using ourselves and our networks?) 4. What’s our 30/30? (Come back, revise, adjust, set new timeframe.) To further help you guide participants, Stra tegic Doing™ follows these 10 rules built upon one another and guides each step of the process as participants answer questions about assets and opportunities and then score these to find the “Big Easy,” the opportunity that best combines impact and ease. The group then defines 10 steps to achieving the outcome and metrics for success (Morrison et al., 2019):

1. Create and maintain a safe space for deep, focused conversation. 2. Frame a conversation around an appreciative question.

3. Uncover hidden assets people are willing to share. 4. Link and leverage your assets to identify new strategic opportunities. 5. Rate all your strategic opportunities to find your “Big Easy.” 6. Convert your “Big Easy” into a strategic outcome with measurable characteristics. 7. Define a Pathfinder Project with Guideposts. 8. Draft a short-term action plan with everyone taking a small step. 9. Set a 30/30 meeting to review progress and adjust. 10. Nudge, connect, and promote relentlessly to build your new habits of collaboration. Delaware 2018 Forum


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