Engaging Communities Through Issues Forums

The Strategic Doing™ breakout groups were based on sub -issues of the forum that were determined through our literature review, key informant interviews, and contextual experience. They were as follows for each of the Forums:

2018-2019 “Linking Farm Vitality and Health” Forum Mental Health and Well- being Health Insurance and Health Care Farm and Farm Family Finances Succession and Transition Planning

2021 “Could COVID -19 Disruption Happen Again? Working Collectively to Build Resilience Across our Food and Farm Systems on the Eastern Shore”

Stability/Instability of Food Production

Food Availability and Accessibility

Mental and Physical Distress

Natural and Built Environments for Food Systems


Food and Financial Insecurity

4.Resource Table

The Resource Table encourages the sharing of resources relevant to the issue being addressed. Announcements for upcoming events, trainings, resources, and information can be added to a designated area by the planning committee, facilitators, speakers, and participants. In the invitation, encourage people to bring resources for sharing. On the day of the forum, set up a space that is easily accessible and provide time on the agenda for people to peruse the table.

5.Post-Forum Activities

The forum organizer should send a summary of the Strategic Doing™/Working Groups and key contact people for each of the groups immediately after the forum. This could include an invitation for others to join these groups. It could also include a two- to three-statement summary of the goals for each of the groups. Reminders to individuals and groups: Organizers should go out at 30, 60, and 90 days. Check-ins with the organizers will help to keep them on track and motivated.

Delaware 2018 Forum

Note: It is normal for action plans identified during the forum to change over time as new information and resources are identified. Some groups may find that their actions are not achievable and revamp their actions while others may continue with their efforts in ways they didn’t anticipate. As the forum organizer, you’ll want to stay connected, serve as cheerleader, and continue communications with all invitees and key stakeholders as time goes by.


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