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Tool 2: Engaging Community — Ident ifying Community Capitals Worksheet



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Contact Information

Person Making Contact

Built Capital

Organizations, groups, and persons who support infrastructure of the community Organizations and people who influence ways in which we perceive and experience our communities (e.g., arts board, festival groups, etc.) Financial resources available from private and public sources to be invested in businesses, nonprofits and communities (e.g., banks, farm credit, donors) Organizations, groups, and individuals who invest in community building, business development, and community development/growth Resources, amenities, and organizations that protect a location (e.g., preservation society) Organizations, institutions, and individuals who help build the skills and abilities of others through education and example Organizations, groups, and individuals who “make things happen” (This can be the gatekeeper to a group, community organizations or even elected officials.)

Cultural Capital

Financial Capital

Human Capital

Natural Capital

Political Capital

Social Capital

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