Engaging Communities Through Issues Forums

Tool 5: A Planning Timel ine and Checkl ist

This section provides details regarding tasks and timeframes. In total, the pre-forum planning can take between 7-10 months. We suggest you review it as a whole and then determine who will be responsible for what and by when. It can be used as a checklist as you go through your planning and implementation process.


Who is Responsible?

PRE-PLANNING--1-2 months and includes:

Assemble planning team

• Do the literature review to ground the content, better understand the issue and identify local connections • Develop your key informant questionnaire/focus group questions; take through Internal Review Board if necessary • Conduct informant interviews or focus groups to help frame the issue and identify potential forum invitees. As you make the appointments to interview, provide them with a short background document to engage them. Give them the timeframe for the proposed interview and the main questions you expect to cover. Take notes and/or ask to record your conversation. • Determine your budget See Tool 4 - Forum Budget Template and find funding PLANNING — 6-8 months and includes: Determine forum activities that will engage community members • Identify and schedule a venue • Identify and schedule speakers – both dignitaries and content experts • Develop the PowerPoint presentations • Develop the 5 case studies (depending on number of attendees) • Engage a local Strategic Doing™ expert ( https://strategicdoing.net/) • Determine the Strategic Doing™ Breakout group focus sub -topics • Create the Strategic Doing™ worksheets to be used • If conducting an online forum, determine platform, build tech team who will assist with breakout groups Invitation list for forum participants • Identify invitees based on Community Capitals approach See Tool 2: Engaging Community – Identifying Community Capitals Worksheet • Form planning committee and includes tasks such as: • Monthly meetings with planning committee • Develop the event agenda • Develop a registration process; you will want name, organization, community capitals sector/industry they represent, address, email, demographics for reporting outcomes • Develop invitation letter and registration – invitation should go out by mail 3 months ahead to get on calendars and then include follow up reminders via email. Initial invitation could come from a high-level colleague like a College Dean or Govt. official. See Appendices 2-6 for sample correspondence • Monitor registrations; ensure diversity of participants (different sectors and you’ll want to include decision makers and doers) • In the invitation, include the suggestion that participants bring resources to share with other attendees • Email invite with agenda 6-8 weeks ahead of event


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