Engaging Communities Through Issues Forums

• Final correspondence would include a reminder and location details Recruit and train facilitators - Facilitators are needed for the case study and for action forums —especially if using Strategic Doing™ as part of the forum agenda. • You will want 1 facilitator for every 8 participants • You need someone who has skills in facilitation, using a flip chart for note taking and keeping people on task • You will want to train facilitators so that they will: • build relationship among group members yet hold people to time constraints • help people share the resources they can contribute to addressing the issue • use appreciative inquiry • summarize discussion in ways that connect back to the case study, Strategic Doing™ activities and the forum objectives • understand and utilize the Strategic Doing™ process

PREPARING FOR THE DAY OF THE FORUM • Communicate final registration numbers to venue • Finalize menu • Print name tags •

Print agenda, presenter bios, list of resources, list of attendees/contact emails, any background information you’d like participants to have and any other materials for registrant packet; put packets together • Print Strategic Doing™ Packets and Case Study materials • Purchase flip charts, makers, and other note taking supplies • Create seating assignments for case study activity (mix up participants across Community Capitals/expertise areas) • Print sign-in sheet with seating assignments • Print table numbers for easy table identification for seating and table headings for Strategic Doing™ breakout sessions • Finalize speaker bios, introductions • Finalize moderator slides • Finalize presentations, load them on to the laptop/ computer to be used • Print evaluation • Print wayfinding signage • If doing online, set up a google documents (1/ facilitator) that they can share and take notes on during the forum DAY OF THE FORUM • Arrive early and have check-in meeting with facilitators/speakers; Adjust as needed • Set up resource table; have a sign or display indicating that is the resource table • Set up evaluation flip chart with temperature reading tool (if using) • Stick to agenda and timelines • Encourage and enable networking • Have back-up plan for technology glitches • Document the event; take pictures, invite a photographer • If online forum; arrive early, test connections, set up break out groups before you start for Case Study activity and during lunch break for Strategic Doing™ session; have games and door prizes to encourage people to return after breaks AFTER THE FORUM (weeks to years)


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