Engaging Communities Through Issues Forums

Immediate (within 2 weeks) • Check in with Strategic Doing™ Groups to see if they need anything; follow up with assistance • Email all registrants (not just those who attended) • Summarize day-of evaluation data for sharing • Thanks for coming/ their interest • Include notes from small group sessions, group contacts, presentation slides, and resources to deepen understanding • Encourage follow- up on action Strategic Doing™ items

Thank planning committee

Short-term (within 3 months) • Check in with Strategic Doing™ Groups at the 30 -day, 60-day and 90-day marks; see if they need assistance in their projects • Email survey to capture immediate outputs and outcomes • Report back to participants with survey findings • Create a report of outcomes/actions and share with the participants as well as key decision makers Mid to long-term (6 months or more) • Check in or mobilize participants to share actions taken • Conduct ripple mapping to understand long term impacts • Continue communication with forum participants to keep them up to date on activities


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