Engaging Communities Through Issues Forums

Tool 6: Suggested Progression & Agenda Items for Planning Committee Meetings

Once your committee is assembled,

• Get on calendars for several months to determine monthly meeting dates using a group scheduling tool such as Doodle or Rally • Meet face-to-face, by phone, or use an online meeting platform accessible to each member such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams • Record or take notes and share with those unable to attend individual meetings • Keep regular communication with the group between meetings

A sample of meeting progression:

• Orientation to forum background, including the: issue, objectives, and Community Capitals building model • Define expectations of planning committee • Disclose budget and desired scale of forum (local, regional, or state) • Validate/identify pertinent local issues in farmer health, health insurance, and farm stress • Decide forum date and time frame, avoiding conflicts with other major and important events already on the calendar • Compare locations for an in-person forum or a videoconferencing platform for a virtual forum • Compile an invitation list and target dates for invitation letters and registration • Select speakers and outline talking points • Finalize an agenda • Identify facilitators and facilitator training date • Develop case studies • Identify grant funds to support action items resulting from forum discussions • Choose contents of forum participant packets • Provide updates on registration • Assign seats to strategically combine and introduce sectors (agriculture, health, finance, and community) and roles (boots-on-the-ground and officials)


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