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Here’s to My Sister Celebrating Sibling Appreciation Day

less. So as we grew up, I’ll admit that, like most younger siblings, I chafed at my sister’s attempts to protect me. We butted heads a lot, but looking back, I’m grateful for the role Toni played in my life. You see, my sister didn’t just take up the mantle of “second mom” because she felt like it. Growing up in a single-parent household, Toni had to learn to lend a helping hand from the time she was very young. Thankfully, when we both got a little older, I was able to see just how lucky I actually was. I think most siblings really come to appreciate each other when one of them strikes out on their own. For my family, this was when Toni went off to college — though, she didn’t exactly go far. In fact, she went to LSU, practically down the street from our house. But she still moved out and got an apartment, creating just enough distance to make me as a teenager realize how much I actually liked having my big sis around. Of course, it helped that she let me hang out at her apartment. Being a high schooler getting to befriend college kids made me feel pretty cool at the time. I even decided to follow in my sister’s footsteps, joining her at LSU three years later when going to the same school didn’t seem all that bad anymore. After being away for several years, Toni settled down in Baton Rouge, so we still get to be close today. What’s even better is that her kids, Tate and Millie, are right in Jude and

We all know about Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, but have you heard of the increasingly popular holiday celebrated on April 10 known as Siblings Day? You might have seen social media posts crop up around this time, with people sharing their appreciation for their siblings. And as a younger brother myself, I figured it was about time I got in on this growing tradition. My sister, Toni, is a wonderful person, and I’m lucky to have her in my life. Of course, you’d have been hard-pressed to get me to admit that when we were kids. Despite only being two years older, Toni was like a second mom to me, which meant that she was looking out for me while we were in school together. But at the time, I wasn’t always exactly grateful for her. As a young boy, having my older sister stick up for me often just opened me up to more teasing from friends and classmates, not “We butted heads a lot, but looking back, I’m grateful for the role Toni played in my life.”

Luke’s age range. Seeing our kids get along so well has been a magical experience. Toni really is a great mother. I guess I can take partial credit for giving her the practice.

Here’s to family,

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