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More Than Just Another Law Firm What Working With an Experienced Social Worker Means for Your Case

While Scott Counsel might not be the only estate planning firm in the area, I can say without a doubt that the level of expertise our team brings to the table can’t be matched anywhere else. In our last newsletter, I briefly mentioned the positions that some of our team members hold, including myself. I work as a social worker at Scott Counsel, and while it’s not unheard of for social workers to work at estate planning firms, it’s not exactly common either. How I came to work for Justin is part of a long and winding journey, but I’m glad it brought me here. I graduated fromWidener University with a master’s in social work. My first experience working in a medical setting was during an internship at a burn unit at a hospital in Philadelphia. I developed a love for working in the medical field and sought to combine that with what I had studied in school. My first job after I received my master’s was with the oncology department at the Hospital of the University of Philadelphia, where I ran support groups for leukemia and lymphoma patients. After that position, I actually stepped out of the realm of social work for a little bit but continued to work in the health care field. I became a program developer and liaison for a long- term care company, where my responsibilities included working bedside with patients to determine which rehab or long-term care options that my company facilitated would suit them best. The job had both long-term care and marketing elements, and I did it for 11 years. Then, for a short while, I was the director of case management and social work at the Acuity Specialty Hospital of New Jersey, a long- term acute care facility.

has been even more valuable. I can both empathize with our clients and get them the help they need. When you put my experience together with that of our on-site neurologist and that of our dementia practitioner, you have more than just another law firm — you have a life resource planning firm, a place where you can know for sure that your questions and concerns will be heard and answered. We won’t just try to refer you to some general end-of-life plan. We will make the most of our bedside visits and take the time to go through the nitty-gritty details of every case. When you work with Justin and the rest of our team, you can be assured that you’ll be cared for better than anywhere else.

culminated in my role at Scott Counsel. Because of my social work background, I’m comfortable working with patients in rehab centers and nursing homes. Because of my marketing background, I can meet with the home’s staff to discuss how Scott Counsel can be a resource for their patients. Finally, because of my experience in the medical field, I can comprehend complex medical charts and draw information from them about how to best help our clients. There aren’t many estate planning law firms that can do all that! I can also easily talk about matters related to end-of-life care because of my experience working in an oncology department. While having industry knowledge is certainly valuable, I think that just knowing how to talk to people in end-of-life situations, or to people who have family in end-of-life situations,

All the pieces of my background in social work, marketing, and the medical field have

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