2017-05-25 G1_TeacherPal

Academic Discussion Use the TURN AND TALK routine. Remind children to follow agreed- upon rules for discussion, such as taking turns speaking and building on others’ ideas. Possible responses: 1. Yes, they do. I can tell because the pictures show they are spending time together at the end, and I know people do that when they like and care about one another. DOK 3 2. The boy is lonely and bored at the beginning of the story, he is nervous and scared in the middle, and happy to be spending time with his family at the end. TEKS xxx, xxx, xx DOK 3

Use details from Blackout to answer these questions with a partner. Make Inferences Do the characters care about each other? How can you tell? Describe how a character’s feelings change as the night passes. 1. 2.

Talking Tip

Complete the sentence to add your own idea to what others say. My idea is .



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