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It’s not uncommon for doctors in any specialty to open a private practice and work solo. This approach has worked for many dentists, but at MMS Endodontics, our philosophy is different. We work as a team— three dentists, three perspectives, one vision. Why does our approach work? Why does the MMS team get along so well? We’ll tell you! Dr. Spencer Stiles: I think this can be summed up in a word: trust. The three of us share the same core values, and we hold total trust in one other to carry out those core values at all times. I have absolutely no doubt that on the days I’m not present in the office, Dr. Jeffrey Minchau and Dr. Kent McBride are working hard to provide excellent service. They show compassion toward our patients and our staff, and they search for ways to embrace and drive change that will make the experience of the office even better. I can genuinely say that the three of us consistently make decisions that place the needs of others ahead of our own. As our group continues to grow and expand, we believe in bringing more ideas and greater visions to the table. The more like-minded brainpower working on the same project, the better the result.

the decision of an individual. Even when we disagree, we respect each other’s opinions.

Why does our teamwork so well together? In one word, trust. Dr. Stiles said it well. We have an immense amount of trust in one another to keep the best interests of others in mind. I know both Dr. Stiles and Dr. Minchau would make sacrifices for my benefit, and I would do the same for them. Plus, our families are all very close, and we never get tired of spending time together.

Dr. Jeffrey Minchau: Some of the most memorable moments in life are shared with others. While in dental school, we were constantly bombarded with stress from tests, deadlines, and ever-looming board exams that seem to define us. Without the love and support of family, friends, and classmates, success would be entirely out of reach.

We learned early on that a group focused on serving a common goal was stronger than any single member by itself. It is with this approach that we teamed up to better serve our patients, along with the dentists in our area. The most satisfying part of being in a group practice is sharing the approach and experience with staff, doctors, and patients so no one ever feels left out. That’s really why our teamworks so well together, along with that all- important element of trust. I can say without a shadow of a doubt that I trust every member of our team. I know that everyone involved in our practice has our patients’best interests at heart.

Dr. Kent McBride: I love the group practice because of the myriad of benefits it offers, including shared coverage, shared responsibilities, and supply negotiation. Even more important, though, is the camaraderie and teamwork. I am lucky to practice with some of my best friends, who truly make work fun. We take what we do very seriously, but we don’t take ourselves

Fromall of us on the MMS Endodontics team, we wish you and your family happy holidays and a wonderful new year!

Dr. Spencer Stiles, Dr. Kent McBride , and Dr. Jeffrey Minchau


too seriously. This makes for a positive and rewarding environment. At the same time, we believe the decision of a group is almost always better than

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