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Team Saunders, 1st Open NFC Carentan. See page 16 Scottish National Flying Club See page 29 Below: President John presents W McCormack & Son season 2023 Gold Cup winners.

‘JEANIE’ BELG 14.629311

1st Section, 1st Open Central Southern Classic Club, Messac 214 miles 2,128 birds, velocity 1456ypm 2015.

Raced by S & L Harris, Havant.



9 770033 739024

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KING, RICHARD – The National Flying Club are saddened to report the passing of our Life Vice-President, Richard King, following a long illness over these past few years. Richard, always an immensely passionate Committee Member, our Representative for Section G, has been truly missed at meetings – his illness preventing him from attending; his input was always on point and incredibly proactive. He was elected Life Vice-President in honour of his continuous works for The National Flying Club. Richard was a keen and successful fancier, flying in partnership with his brother Chris (King Brothers), always providing the competition at the Pau National. Together, they convoyed for many Organisations through the years, the South Road Combine, Midland National, The National Flying Club amongst others. He was also the I/c at Frome Marking Station for many, many years, always the first to arrive on marking day and the last to leave, a true gentleman, ensuring the safety and wellbeing of the birds in his charge, incredible proud of Frome Marking Station and his colleagues who worked alongside him. Our sincere thoughts are with Richard's wife Celia and their family, for whom this has been a long and painful journey – we wish them kindness and everlasting memories of a much respected, loved and cherished man. – Gillian Naum, NFC Office Manager OBITUARY

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Gozo (Malta) Calling

attention of Robins, Redstarts and the occa- sional Blue Mountain Rock Thrush, which is a real bonus. The warm weather has been a bonus for tourists and two northerners from Gateshead area were spotted enjoying the Maltese sun, ie Bob Colvin and Terry Elliot, former Up North Combine winner. Also spotted were Mr & Mrs Tony Grattan, from Co Antrim, Northern Ireland, who is another top fancier and who competes in very strong competition. My club, the Rabat Racing Pigeon Society, Club 18, Gozo, has just held its presentation night, which was held at the ‘Twelve 03’, Kercem Band Club, Kercem, Gozo. The meal consisted of Lasagne for starters with a choice of Chicken or Pork, as the main course. The helpings were very generous and nobody will have gone home hungry. The evening was

either before or after a heavy storm and of course, that hasn’t happened yet. There were quite a number of Bee eaters a couple of weeks ago, but I am only referring to what I see from around the house, or when driving in the car, I am not going out to specifically go bird watching. As a child I used to go catching Lizards and Slow Worms in the railway embankments etc, but now I have a dry stone wall in the garden which is inhabited by numerous Wall Lizards, the odd Gecko and one or two Skinks, which are a bigger Black Lizard with very tiny legs. I buy some dried mealworms and feed the Lizard’s but the local Sparrows have cottoned on to this and come down to eat these as soon as I return to the house. The only plus side to this is when the weather turns colder and I do put dried meal- worms for the birds, the Sparrows attract the

Summer is over and autumn starts, although the weather in Malta does not think so. Up to late October the temperatures have been hovering around the low 30˚C to around 27 degrees. As far as I can remember we had a heavy rain shower one day in early September and nothing since, apart from a the odd, very light shower, which might occur in one village but not the next. The fields are very dry and the much awaited autumn showers have delayed the planting of many crops of cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, onions, etc. The winter migration of birds has been very slow although I did see my first Robin of the season on 19th October. Our usual winter population of Starlings, Pied Wagtails, Redstarts and Robin’s have certainly not appeared in any numbers, as yet. An influx of migratory birds can be expected

Mario Grech, 2nd place best fanier long distance & 5th place best fancier overall distance.

A happy Raymond Grima receiving his trophy awards from Philip Carbonaro.

Francis Pace 6th place best fancier middle distance.

Frank Refalo receiving his trophy from Philip Carbonaro.

Coronato Mercieca 4th place best fancier middle distance, 3rd place long distance and 3rd place overall distance.

Carmel Grima & Family.

Club President, John Bajada and group.

well supported from the membership of around 50 members. The meal was free of charge for members and guests/children welcomed which truly makes it a family affair. I am sure that the experience will help young- sters create an interest in the sport which hopefully will result in new members for the future. Making the presentations was Philip Carbonaro, agent for importing top continental pigeons and pigeon products in Malta. For the 2022-2023 season it was Carmel Paul Attard receiving his trophies from Philip Carbonaro.

A table full of trophies.

Carmel (NINU) Grima, Club Champion with an array of trophies.



Manuel Grech & Sons receiving their trophies from Philip Carbonaro.

Paul Attard and family.

Franky Grech receiving his trophies from Philip Carbonaro.

The Likely Lads.

Truly a family affair with children welcomed.

Peter Buttigieg 6th place best fancier long distance.

Tony Grech 5th place middle distance.

Martin Cardona with Philip Carbonaro.

Martin Magro receiving his trophy awards.

distance categories. Noel Grima had the best pigeon short distance, Carmel Grima best pigeon middle distance, Frank Refalo best

distance and 2nd place long distance. Franky Grech, Loft 46, was 6th place overall distance and third place short distance. Cillia Bros, Loft 44, were 4th place short distance, Joe Buttiegieg, Loft 40, was 5th place short distance and Jeffrey Muscat, Loft 12, was 6th place short distance. Tony Grech, Loft 25, was 5th place middle distance and Francis Pace was 6th place middle distance. Peter Buttiegieg, Loft 54, was 6th place long distance. As for myself, I did not have a partic- ularly good season and finished up in 8th place short distance, not entering any pigeons for any of the long distance races and only a few for the middle distance races. Maybe I was overly cautious in not sending when the weather forecast was not so good, but that is my choice. Looking on the bright side being 8th from nearly 50 members means that I was 1st from say 40 members, ha ha. Hopefully I will be able to improve upon that in the coming season. There is also an award of a Gold Pigeon Ring for the best pigeons in each of the

Grima having another excellent season. Members are only allowed to race 10 pigeons per race, with points awarded for the first 20% of the number of pigeons in the race. At the end of the season the cumulative points deter- mine the team/fancier award for the best fancier, short, middle, long and overall distance. Carmel (Ninu) Grima, races two lofts, one in his own name and one in the name of his son Noel. Noel Grima, Loft 64, was 1st place short distance, 2nd place middle distance and 1st place overall distance. Carmel Grima, Loft 42, was 2nd place short distance, 1st place middle distance, 4th place long distance and 2nd place overall distance. So an amazing performance and well deserved with Ninu investing heavily in the purchase of top quality stock. Coronato Mercieca (the farmer), Loft 3, was 3rd place overall distance, 3rd place long and 4th place middle distance. Frank Refalo, Loft 26, was 4th place overall distance, 1st place long and 3rd place middle distance. Mario Grech, loft 8, was 5th place overall

pigeon long distance and Noel Grima best pigeon overall distance. A big congratulations goes to all the winning fanciers and good luck for season 2023-2024. The pigeons are nearing the end of their moult and fanciers are trying to get the birds racing fit, with training tosses starting within days. Members are being asked to vote on their preferred race programme and with the first race due at around the middle of November. My wife, Ardanette, has insisted that she would like to have a break, to cele- brate her birthday, so we are off to Belgrade, Serbia, for a few days and it will be touch and go, if I miss the first race, but family comes first, so it will be all systems go, on our return. Wishing everyone success, good health and best wishes. Tony & Ardanette Harte, 8th place best fancier short distance.

Tony Harte, Gozo, Malta

Terry Elliot & Rob Colvin two top Up North Combine fanciers enjoying the Malta sun.



Surrey Bird

wasn’t to be. Matt treated me to a hot chocolate and sausage roll and while he was waiting in line, I was sent to hunt for a free table. If you want to get a seat at Doncaster, you’ve got to get in there quick and I sat people watching until he came back with the refreshments. It was so refreshing to see and hear groups of people, friends, chatting and laughing together, none of the doom and gloom I see all too often on social media about the state of the sport and all that is wrong with it, just fanciers, enjoying the moment and each other’s company. We were able to enjoy a chat ourselves with Mick Dyer and his friend and old racing partner Joe Borg. It was the first time I’d met Joe and what a lovely man he is. He apparently asked Mick if the couple he’d met were good flyers, to which Mick truth- fully told him, ‘no, they’re s*!t like us now!’. That gave me a giggle, if you can’t laugh what can you do?! Each time we walked round the trade stands, we noticed something we’d missed from the time before and I was thrilled to run into more of my old club mates, John, Joe and Bill. I do miss the lads from my racing days in Dunstable and was so happy to see them and be able to have a catch up. Bill introduced me to a new member who, would you believe it, lived right near to where I used to live in Pynders Lane and has apparently done so for over twenty years, what a small world! I have to say how well they all looked, you haven’t aged a day boys! After seeing the photo of us together, I have to say that although I admit to having put weight on, I am not quite as ginormous as the picture suggests and I won’t be wearing that top again in a hurry, the camera can lie! We decided that after watching in on a couple of the auctions taking place and buying our nest felts and few other bits that we would head home at about one o’clock. We’d already arranged to meet friend Stephen Allen before going as he had trav- elled down from Gretna with his wife and two young children, and we couldn’t go without seeing him. Doncaster was still packed with pigeon people when we left and everyone appeared to be having a jolly good time, well done to the organisers on a great day out. My only disappointment was that we didn’t catch even a glimpse of the newest little fancier on Facebook ‘Little D’, who has captured everyone’s hearts and is keeping us all enthralled with his pigeon racing journey, supported and helped by his grandad Darren Ferguson. I don’t want to say too much without asking permission, but Little D has already had his name in print in his local papers and I, like so many have been following his story ever since his grandad started posting, saying that he wanted to start up in the sport and encourage his grandson to take part. After racing their first young bird season, grandad bought Little D a bigger, secondhand loft ready for 2024. It really is a heartwarming story and one that I’d like to write about, unless anyone else has already done so, in which case, I will look forward to reading. Please look out for his name in the fancy press as trust me, he will put a smile on anyone’s face! Once we arrived home, it was time to feed the birds and introduce the newbies to the loft, before we settled down and were able to watch Brentford beat West Ham. This coming Sunday we face the mighty Forest, and we have both already joked what a boring game that will probably be. Come on you Irons! Have a good week everyone. Jo Cuthbert

Chester 541’ which is the son of ‘Brother Dark Euro’ and ‘Miss O Chester’, a daughter of ‘Man O Chester’ and ‘Dark Delilah’. The chequer purchased in the charity sale is bred down from ‘Olympiade 693’, a grandson of the famous ‘Olympiade 003’ and ‘De Power’, its mother is ‘Eurovision Girl’, a grand- daughter of ‘Den Euro’ and ‘Better than Bolt’. The cock that took Matt’s eye and won his heart, is named ‘Super Dark Del’ on his pedi- gree (you so know that his hen is going to

Doncaster Show If the Doncaster Show is anything to go by, the sport of pigeon racing is very much alive and kicking! I know that we’ve not attended for a few years, but I honestly don’t think that I have ever seen it so busy, with a long queue forming early to get in and the aisles absolutely rammed which was both great to see and be a part of. We set off early and parked up about twenty to nine as we had brought four young birds with us which we’d sold on Elimar. We’d said we would take these to Doncaster to save the buyers paying courier fees. I’m glad to say that they all said they were pleased with their purchase and remarked on the good condi- tion of the pigeons, which is always nice to hear. We thought we recognised one lad collecting one of our young birds, but couldn’t think from where, and it wasn’t until we had seen his photo on display in the show, that we realised why, it was only Shaun Saunders who had won the National Flying Club earlier this year. We felt annoyed with ourselves that we hadn’t congratulated him on his great win, thankfully Facebook gave Matt the chance to do so later that evening. There may have been a queue to get in, but it didn’t take long to get inside the venue and the volume of people inside just after the doors had opened, meant that it was difficult to see which stalls we were getting herded

past. I know I’m not much past five foot tall, so all I basically could see were backs of heads, but we decided to go with the flow and see where it took us as there were plenty of hours in the day to find what we wanted. We spotted The Racing Pigeon stand and headed straight there to drop off our spare ETS clock which we knew needed a battery and service and whilst there, I decided to buy our rings for the following year. After that we managed to grab a few minutes chat- ting with a very busy Shane Reading on his Sherburn Lofts stand where he showed us the three birds that we would be taking home that day. We had asked him if we could purchase a matched pair from him and he has kindly held onto them until the day of the show for us. Matt had also bagged a bargain in a charity auction, again bred by Shane, but I have to admit that I have fibbed when saying we wouldn’t be buying anymore. Matt spotted a dark chequer cock in the pen straight away, and yes, he ended up coming back to Nottingham with the other three. The blue hen is a daughter of ‘The Great Houdini’, a son of ‘Wild Wind’ paired to ‘Delilah Girl’ which Shane selected for stock whilst working at Premier Stud. The blue hen will be paired to ‘Euro

Our new arrivals.

have to be named ‘Raquel’!) and is the son of Premier Stud’s ‘Dark Del’, who has many wins and positions to his name paired to ‘Wing Down Delilah’ who is a daughter of ‘Man O Chester’ and ‘Dark Delilah’. There are a lot of other names running through all four pedigrees, which many of you will know and understand a lot better than I do, and we are really happy with our newest feathered friends. After seeing Shane and buying some bath salts, we decided to take the birds back to the car so we could get some fresh air. It was typical that on the way out I briefly saw my old Apsley and Hemel club mate Clifton and also Terry Haley. I honestly do not believe I have ever been to any pigeon event and not seen Terry, so sorry it was only a quick hello. I hoped to see them again when we returned in the show, but it

Eager beavers.

Shane and Matt.

One of many auctions.

Mick and Joe.

Old friends.



Novice fancier tops South West Glamorgan Fed from Hullavington Great performance by C Mathias & Son of Tonypandy club

after missing the first young bird race the loft came up trumps in the second race when a red chequer cock who has the Van Den Bulck bloodlines in him topped the Federation. Clearly this was a great result as Ceri flies in a very competitive club where one of his fellow club partnership’s, Anstee & Richards, have just been announced winners of the Queen’s Cup for the best performance by a single pigeon in Wales flown under Welsh Homing Pigeon Union rules. So, you can see how competitive this club is. Ceri decided to stop his young bird team after the second Epsom race, this was to avoid losses and to ensure he had a strong team to go into the following old bird season which I believe is a very wise decision considering his short time in the sport. Loft plans for the future When I asked Ceri what he aspires to achieve in future races, he replied that he already had made plans for the future by moving his loft to a new location. This was because he felt he didn’t have enough space in his back garden to make himself a better fancier. It seems to me that Ceri is already a forward-thinking fancier, he even put out a

yearlings, but they didn’t let the partnership down as one was clocked to take 45th position which the boys were delighted with in such a difficult race, the other cock entered returned the next morning. Second young bird season The second young bird season started with a bang since

So much is heard today of top fanciers winning races on a regular basis so it’s wonderful to hear about some great performances put up by a novice fancier in our sport of pigeon racing. One such loft that has truly excelled in racing pigeon circles was that of Ceri Mathias & Son of Tonypandy who clocked a great pigeon the weekend of August 12th. This remarkable bird won Ceri the honour of topping the highly competitive South West Glamorgan pigeon Federation. Family Background Pigeons have played a big part in Ceri’s family for over 80 years, firstly through his grandfather, then through his father and uncle who are still racing with some notable performances including topping the Fed from Maidstone, and if we go back in time winning several 500-mile races. In fact, Ceri’s Fed winner from Hullavington was bred by his uncle Rhidian Mathias with the grand sire coming from Ceri himself only started racing in 2022 with young birds, the club was flying at that time a north route into Wales, Ceri won 1st Club in only the second race he had competed in, this was followed quite quickly by winning another race, then 2nd and 3rd prizes in subsequent races. Then in the last race flown from Hexham he was yet again 1st Club as well as 2nd with his only two entries also winning 2nd Section, 2nd Open in the Rhondda Valley Fed. Ceri’s greatest regret was that he was not a member of the National, had he been he would have taken 2nd National. The loft ended up being the 3rd highest points winners in a very strong club which was an excellent result for Ceri in his first ever season. In 2023 the Tonypandy club joined the South West Glamorgan Fed to fly in a south eastern direction. It was indeed a big ask to expect these yearlings to perform on a completely different route and with no previous training from this new direction. However, they performed admirably winning 2x2nd Club, 3rd, 4th & 5th Club as well as three top 20 Federation positions with the best being 10th Fed. To round off a good season the partnership sent two cocks to Messac in the newly formed Welsh Channel Club which was yet another change in direction for these Shaun McDonough. Late start in sport

Ceri Mathias holding the Fed winner with his stepdaughter Amber

Ceri’s 1st South West Glamorgan Federation winner from Hullavington in 2023.

message on Facebook to seek advice from other top fanciers so that he could learn from their experiences. He also pointed out he will be racing Van Reet and Van Den Bulck lines for inland races and Padfield distance lines for the Channel. You will notice that Ceri has already had his new Ecco loft erected and at the time of writing this article is busy landscaping the adjoining grounds to make them more presentable and with easier accessibility. Racing system used This loft flies on the Roundabout system with early morning training down the road three days a week which Ceri admits can be very difficult with some losses due to hawk attacks. This is also supplemented by afternoon exercise around the loft. Conclusion I can certainly see this partnership flourishing in the future as Ceri is clearly a very committed forward-thinking fancier who has introduced the best possible bloodlines for racing all distances. The birds are housed in a modern up to date loft and I wish him every success in the future. John David Press Officer South West Glam Fed Havachat Bungalow, Mwyndy, Pontyclun. RCT CF728PN Email Phone 07940-982683.

Ceri’s new loft set-up with recently constructed foot-footways.



Around the North East WITH BARRY PEARCE

alike, obviously the ‘stranger’ side of it being that they knew me through my columns. I was asked plenty of times what I was going to do next year, and it was the same pat answer, when 2024 arrives, I’ll decide then. I do know that the writing side of it will continue until February as the UNC supper has been shelved until then, and as I’ve been invited, which obviously I’ll attend and then write up, so until February I’ll try to keep going. Got a loft visit sorted for later in November, thanks Ian, John and Steve,

would just plainly be not feasible, and would those that attended on say the Saturday, would they come back again on the Sunday? I some how don’t think so. I travelled down with friends, a round journey of about 170/180 miles, and I saw plenty there from even further afield, so two days, just not feasible I would say. Talked since to a stall holder who was at Doncaster on the Saturday, and I asked him would he go twice to a two days how, no way was his answer, just nor on! Anyway on the Saturday I was pulled time and time again by friends and strangers 15 Rossett Walk, Park End, M’Bro, Cleveland, TS3 7LX

a two day show would help keep down the congestion that was occurring with so many being there. Complaints that they couldn’t get to stalls because of the crowds standing about, some being accused of standing in aisles talking, stopping some from getting to where they wanted to be. Not to sure just what can be done about that, apart from suggesting to those to pardon me, can you get the hell out the way! The extra cost of booking the place would have to be found as well, and if those stall holders only booked for the one day, leaving the second day with those running the show out of pocket, well it

Can I first off apologise to the Chevington Drift HS partnership of Wilson & Gilliard for getting their Christian names wrong. Not to sure what I’d called them before in my arti- cles, papers gone and articles deleted from my computer, so I’m not sure which the article I called them wrong in, but it’s Ray Wilson and Keith Gilliard, so sorry again lads. The sport is dying, oh yeh! Well I don't know about that, I think it slowly is actually, but you’d not think so if those that attended the Doncaster Show were taken into consid- eration, absolutely packed out. I’ve seen suggestions elsewhere saying that making it

looking forward to it lads. I took a few photos which I’ll send down with this, and as the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words, I’ll let the pictures tell the story of the day. Joe Atkinson, sincere apologies mate, shook your hand and then got diverted and when I turned back around you’d gone. I certainly wanted a photo of us two together, so sorry pal, but NEHU show? Was stood near the Alfie Hawthorn sale stand, one of my friends was after a cock, and he got two for the price of one with the cash he was prepared to go up to for the one, so well done Alan. Stood right next to me was Tucker as he’s known out on the Dublin area, he was stood with one half of the Gibbs and Byrne partnership from Eire, Ian Gibbs. Tucker reminded me of one of the highlights of my presenting of prizes nights, this was when I was out in Dublin judging at the Dublin show when I was asked to present the prizes at the Irish South Road do. Yes certainly up there near the top of do’s I’ve been asked to present the prizes at, and Tucker and Ian, good to speak to you. One other photo I took, well I asked a nearby stranger to take it, thanks pal, and it was of one of this games very top fanciers, Mark Gilbert. I approached Two ‘famous’ pigeon fanciers, BP and Mark Gilbert.

Ian and Tucker.

John Short and team.

Mike Samuals and friends.

Davie Dyson and Dickie Nichols calling it a day.

The dining area full up.

Alf Hawthorn and friends.



the club alone would sometimes send over a 1,000 pigeons, yes a club sending over a 1,000 pigeons, and it has had quite a few 1st UNC winners in it, again I have gone and reported on them. Davie and Dickie have had their share of UNC tickets, but not quite taking that elusive 1st, although in 2021 from Eastbourne against 9,152 OB,s they had two hens arrive together to take 2nd & 3rd UNC, so how close is that. Both the lads are now in their 70’s, both now retired, Dave with Nissan, and Dickie as a paviour, and after selling the stock at auction last year, they decided to just fly OB’s this year, no YB flying whatsoever, and after the season was over to see how they felt. Well they now feel that it’s time to shut up shop probably for good, so at the NEHU show they will be having a pen sale of the OB team, about 30 odd including 11x1st Fed winners. No auction, so no pre-sale publicity, and all the winners and scorers, including as stated 11x1st Fed winners, they will be in the sale with the price on them. The lads have been partners for many many years, but they feel that its now the time to settle down, to take life at a more leisurely pace, so its a straight forward statement of the obvious, their loss is going to be our gain, they have the best be sure of that. Part of the lofts have already been taken down, but there is some still standing, so as the team is a young team, young as in being mainly yearlings and with the odd 2yo, anyone buyers that would like to buy any and then to break them off, I'm sure the lads will help you. Sorry to see yet another top UNC/NE loft call it a day, but to me totally understand- able. Best of luck lads for your sale and to your retirement. BP

which is being held at South Shields on the weekend that you are probably now reading this, the top partnership of Davie Dyson and Dickie Nichols are selling their this seasons OB team, a team that won the following and in just the OB season. In just the 15 races they took 11x1sts Club, 9x2nds and 10x3rds, and in total they had 56 positions in the top six of the club. In the Houghton Fed they had 7x1sts, 5x2nds and 10x3rds with in total 101

Gerald Delaney and Hartlepool fanciers, Gerald’s son I believe in the background, sorry if wrong.

mate. Had a quick word with Stephen James, he’s the lad that bought a hen called ‘Shirley’ at Tony Woods sale, and at the sale I asked if there was any chance of a couple of YB’s from her, at any time, beggars can’t be choosers, and he readily agreed. He said again, no bother, so sometimes in the future, for nostalgic sake I’ll head up to County Durham to pick those youngsters up, thanks pal. No, it was a good day out, a day that I wasn’t to bothered about at first, but I’m glad I did, thanks Alan, Harry and Paul our driver for the day, and thanks to Lee and his back up team for putting on such a top day, next up the NEHU show which I’m also invited to. Not to surprised to hear that at the show,

him tongue in cheek and said, Mark, come on get your photo taken with someone famous. A look of surprise appeared on his face, but when I said who I was, he readily agreed, so thanks Mark, nice to meet you. Those of us who bought drinks etc, at the show, I was well fed when one of my travel- ling companions Harry brought out some corn beef slices, and they were spot on, but buying a drink to wash it down, £3.20 for a drink of pop! A Sunderland fancier I got to talk to was eating a meal that he said cost him a tenner, but as they saying goes, ‘you want, we’ve got, you pay’. Managed to get two cocks as I was was over the top with hens, thank you Martyn, I’ll keep you informed

hree hungry ‘mackems’.

positions in the top 20 of the Fed. Now in discussion with Davie of the partnership, we both agreed that the UNC Feds are not as big as they were, if anywhere, but I’ll tell you the readers this loft was winning when the Fed and the Washington Celtic HS was far far bigger than it is now. And myself as a long time scribe can remember getting results on a regular basis from this club and Fed, and in the club alone in the earlier OB and YB races

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New North Road Amalgamation

Warwickshire & District Federation from Wakefield she unfortunately was hawked and over half of her tail missing after a attack so after some rest and the tail flights starting regrowing she was placed on the road again and was always in the front pack of arrivals from all young bird races sent to. Their aim was to get her in as many races as possible now coming and with regular training flights to Mansfield and as much as possible to fit in, only if health is there is a must for the part- nership The partnership have achieved some good success flying South and North Road with this season a 1st Warwickshire Federation 1st Centre Section 12th Open New North Road Amalgamation Perth plus Barcelona Club Section cards on the North and South Road routes with Midlands National Section wins and other Section card positions plus local Federation cards achieved. Their grizzle hen for this event was flown on the Darkness system flying back to her perch. The partnership feed S & S Seeds of Sedgfield of five of their mixes blended together with chicken layers pellets added and depurative mix blended in with the pellets all blended with a little oil added and on race day return natural Spirulina powder added with the corn mix and oils with always a consistent supply of fresh mixed grits avail- able. The partnership likes to use and follow the Schroeder Tollison treatment programme to maintain the birds good health. The part- nerships winning velocity was 1022.429. The North Section winner was two famous

donkey’s years into Bristol and would fly no other route with the Lerwick Club and have won from every North Road race point the club has attended. They are keen pigeon fanciers and are those that clubs all need as no matter what of any race they always turn up with a basket full of pigeons to support and race and are not social media racing people of picking races and days and as we say armchair race advisors no matter what the birds go and boy have they won some achievements in the Lerwick Club, local club of Sodbury Vale and now the Iinternational Championship Club that Tom Harris operates and New North Road Amalgamation West Section cards and Open positions. The bird being bred off a Cooreman cock that is a son off a gift pigeon from Tony May of Yate Town of Gloucestershire to the partnership, the mother being a Wall, Lunt & Green line bred Janssen hen where she has raced on the road for the partnership and has achieved a 2nd International Championship Club Open Hexham 238 miles plus many many Sodbury Vale club cards and Open Lerwick Club achievements and also a pool money banking hen for the partnership when on the road for them being a good poole. This winning red cock for the partnership was sent to every young bird race held in the 2023 race programme of the South West of England Lerwick Club and its final race of the season was Wetherby making eight consec- utive races sent to, he was raced on the Darkness system flying back just to his perch not paired up or showing no interest in any young hen in the young bird section, the brothers keep the young birds sexed left together to do as they please. The brothers race their young birds and including this event race fed on Bamfords Super Fly mix applied seven days a week with nothing else added, keeping it clean and simple, only electrolytes added to the water fountain on the race day. The young birds every week twice a week are trained at the 30 mile mark weather permitting. Their scoring velocity for the event was 1038.511.

The TNNRA held its annual Futurity race event of the year and after running costs deduction and administration £76,040.22 was available for prize money paid back over 96 bird positions in the event. The same as probably most pigeon fanciers the weather determines everything and whether a classic race, one loft race event, breeder/buyer etc, with what you have been looking forward to all season the weather will change every- thing that day or weekend of the planned event guaranteed and this occurrence happened. It was not looking hopeful and the decisions in the interest of the birds was made to postpone the North and Centre Sections race event from Dunbar for a week and try the following week as with overcast and drizzle most of the weekend it was a risk we did not want to take. The South Section was scheduled to be at Hexham further down country and this being at the 250 mile mark for most members again the weather was not looking good as predicted but better further down country and Friday being the best day so Hexham was hopefully a go go but this did not materialise with low cloud and rain at Hexham so to play it safe the birds were liberated further back were sunshine and

The Centre Section winning hen.

£3,455.07 and the buyer racer receiving £3,455.07 with a total of £6,910.14. This grizzle hens breeding is of Dirk Van Den Bulck where John informs us the parents of this hen come from close friend of Alan Clamp of Woodville, Burton upon Trent and they originated from the P & D Stud of their successful Van Den Bulck’s. Alan was always a force with the racing scene winning regular in the, at the time, strong Nelson club of Woodville and achieved some great success flying in the Burton & South Derbyshire SR Federation and also Gold medal wins in the once big mighty Derby Burton & District SR Federation. But owing to health issues he stepped back from the racing scene after racing for many many years, he just concen-

South Section winners John & Chris Adams.

blue skies were evident at Wetherby Racecourse in West Yorkshire at the 150/180 mile mark. So at 12.05pm on Friday 15th September into a south east wind were liber- ation, the South Section was flying for £24,450. On their way the following week at Dunbar in Scotland just over the Scottish Borders on Saturday 23rd September at 10am into light west wind the Centre and North Section events were liberated with the North Section flying for £29,470.22 and the Centre Section flying for £22,120. A report on all three Section winners now and my next report will be on the rest of the results. First up the South Section event, winners bagging £10,000 in prize money was Chris & John Adams of Bristol flying 173 miles from Wetherby with a red cock, this was bred by themselves and was purchased back at auction by the brothers, they also purchased other members birds as of Tom Woods of Nottingham with one of his Gary Tomlinson ‘Kittel’ birds where this achieved some club cards and South West of England Lerwick Club Open position cards for the brothers in build up races before this big day but on the day it was their own that came in winning £5,000 buyer £5,000 breeder. The brothers have bean flying North Road for

Robert Pearson with his winner.

names tag teaming up together of Robert Pearson of Kilburn, Derby and Kevin Lawson of Ollerton. Robert being the buyer and racer flying 212 miles from Dunbar, Kevin Lawson being the breeder of the winning bird a dark chequer white flight hen bred off a very special unique pair of producing birds as your ears will prick up and mind go into overdrive when the true facts of what this one pair have bred for Kevin and several other people are as follows. For Kevin himself eight individual birds of brothers and sisters out this same pair have all topped the Nottingham & District North Road Federation and won at Ollerton HS for Kevin then the same brothers and sisters winning thousands of pounds for Kevin and others out of the New North Road Amalgamation over the years. Paul Spendlove of Chesterfield and Kevin winning £4,400 plus another offspring winning the late Phil Horseman of Chesterfield and Kevin £700, the Ireland Brothers of Nottingham with two blood related brother and sister bred from the original pair lifted £900 in past Futurity events and in this event the one’s from Kevin off this original pair lifted £8,840 for Rob and Kevin. Rob won £13,283.70 as

David Harrison, Centre Section winner.

trated on breeding birds to enter into one loft race events all over the country and keeping small cage birds. He flew in one loft events under the name of Clampy with some good achievements gained but now owing to advanced health issues has now unfortu- nately no pigeons or birds. With John Mee being in the Derbyshire Dales of many hazel woodland with this the best wood for making walking sticks and Alan having a interest in painting and carving walking sticks John would collect and take Alan sticks from the local beautiful Derbyshire Matlock Dales woodland for him to paint and design and Alan would gift John a few pairs to try and test himself to race and Alan said I’ve some beautiful good grizzles direct from P & D Stud so John bred just two birds to enter and try in this event where the partnership of Litherland Bailey & Harrison purchased one at auction to race in the event. Walter informs us this grizzle hen was up and running in training and before her first race with the

John Mee.

Over to the winners of the Centre Section this was the partnership of Walter Bailey and David Harrison and of Walter’s late father-in- law Tommy Litherland of the flying partner- ship of Litherland, Bailey & Harrison of Swadlincote, Burton Upon Trent, flying 228 miles from Dunbar with a grizzle hen that was bred by John Mee of Cromford, Matlock, Derbyshire and the breeder receiving

THE RACING PIGEON 17 NOVEMBER 2023 in the next report we will focus on other scoring birds in the event. Also other scoring offspring direct off this special pair of Kevin’s are as follows: Richard Newton & Heather Downs of Doncaster 1st Open North East Provincial Championship Club and 1st Open Derbyshire SR Federation Brighton and for Kevin’s close friend of Angus Orr & Son of Scotland achieving 28th Open Scottish National Flying Club from Upper Heyford. A remarkable pair and producing pair of pigeons that are pure Lambrechts. The cock being a black pied and the hen a dark chequer originating from Steve Foster of Preston and Alan Dungworth of Barnsley. They produce dark pieds, darks and black


garden set up that is in the high peak of performing Midlands lofts over the years he’s kept pigeons. Robert said after purchasing Kevin Lawson’s birds at the Futurity event, thanking Kevin for the vast knowledge of pigeons he knows and advice and new knowledge Kevin has given him. Robert’s winning velocity was 1251.821 as Robert in this event had six drop together. Well that’s a brief report on the three Section winners and the breeders of the birds. I would like to thank the following people who made this event happen every

Robert’s back garden set up.

with the cocks and hens running together on night prior to race marking and on race day return. They are trained as much as possible before racing and in between racing Rob believes in not enough training regime can be given but health and good quality feed applied. The young birds are fed Versele- Laga Gerry Plus mix and Vanrobaeys Super Diet mix on race day return and the young birds are canker treated every three to four weeks. Robert is a working man working for the Co-Operative Supermarket chain in the distribution sector and has a small back With Storm Babet having raged across Scotland and much of Northern England over the last week, it has to be said that the weather down across Devon has not been too bad, but not always great, with days that have seen thunder, lightning, torrential rain, hail and fog, which for many has put paid to any chances of young bird training flights. So the second race of the tour was flown from Kingsdown a distance of around 45 miles for most flyers, 60 miles for the furthest member, the 447 birds being liberated at 09.30hrs on Saturday 14th October into a light north westerly air flow. the remit or scope of many of our Federations, Combines and racing organisations. The laurels went to the newly formed team of Cheek & Read, flying in the main a team of Huysken van Riel’s taking 1st place flying 39 miles 1560 yards at 1272.508ypm, clearly Rodney is listening attentively to his mentor and team mate Tony Read. Having not flown the first race of the tour, Team Two Terry’s (Terry Lee & Terry Dire) came in, in 2nd place flying 45 miles 600 yards at 1260.00ypm. John & Gladys Wilkinson flying 45 miles 449 yards at 1204.977ypm will have been well pleased with their 3rd place position, having taken a bit of a knock in the first race position wise, having had a disrupted training toss in the days prior to the first race. The tours third race was flown from Yeovil on Sunday 22nd October, a distance of

Federation, Burton & South Derbyshire SR Federation, Derby Burton & District SR Federation and the Derbyshire NR Federation. I’ve personally witnessed on Federation sheets when I flew South Road many years ago Robert taking the first 15 positions in the Federation and this season flying North Road Robert had 10 young birds drop together from Alnwick 166 miles all within 35 seconds taking the first 10 positions in Federation and club. Robert’s young birds on the North Road this season were flown on the Darkness system with sexes separated

Robert’s young bird section.

Kevin Lawson.

year and for this year with support and work thank you from myself and the organisation to Barry Baker, Graham & Sue Watkins, John Norris, Peter Norris, John Scott, Rose Lander, Clarence Haymes, Dave Smith, Tom Harris, John Humphries, Ian Jarrad, Rob Jarrad and Dave Woods your input and work is appreciated. The Rat Man around 70 miles for the majority of the membership, 395 birds were liberated at 10.30hrs into fine weather conditions. The liberation site was calm with no wind of note, the forecast being for light south westerly winds along the route home, a head wind for the birds. Again the week’s laurels went to the newly formed team of Cheek & Read, flying a Huysken van Riel cock, the bird taking 1st place having flown 67 miles 1603 yards at1255.274ypm. Second up on the podium was Richy Hicks the winner of the first race in the tour, flying 72 miles 581 yards at 1244.186ypm. Third place was again taken by Team Two Terry’s (Terry Lee & Terry Dire) flying 73 miles 600 yards at 1260.00ypm. With John & Gladys Wilkinson not being far behind to take 4th spot, flying 73 miles 420 yards at 1229.180ypm. Those members with lofts along the route home reported seeing flocks of birds flying down the A38 corridor in tight batches resulting in what was a closely flown race. The winner of each race gains 10 points, second place 9 points, third place 8 points and so on. So at present Cheek & Read have accumulated the grand total of 29 points. Richy Hicks sits on 24 points, John & Gladys Wilkinson on 24 points and the Two Terry’s having only flown the latest two races on 18 points. With two races to go who will be the Autumn Tours top flyer(s)?. Steve Hopper

pieds. Kevin lives in Ollerton which was famous for the black gold of coal and now it’s surely famous for black gold of Lambrechts. Over to Robert Pearson and he’s achieved some fabulous performances over the years with 2nd, 3rd & 4th Open Midlands National Chale YB plus a 1st & 2nd Open North Midlands Continental Club and topping local Federations of the North Derbyshire SR


Looking back over my documentation from the Feds young bird season I lost 18 birds in the first three Federation races, 14 in the first race alone, I know that I am not the only flyer who took heavy loses over this year’s racing. The losses suffered across the board by many flyers being one of the main reasons behind Plymouth & District RPC’s experi- menting with this autumn young bird programme. The club is one of the region’s bigger clubs, but not so big that it cannot build flexibility into its plans and that is one of the strengths of both the club and the autumn tour. Flying through October into November you are going to be at the mercy of the weather, shorter hours of day light and the risk of fog and mist lingering into the day, a general drop in temperature, all the usual issues around a typical UK autumn. The size of the club allows the race control team headed up by Gilly McClements to look at the forecasts, in order to identify the days in any given week where the forecasters predict good weather, the race day can be moved around to fit in with the best of the week’s weather, this flexibility I suspect is not within

Plymouth & District RPC’s Autumn Tour continues, with it has to be said great success. The first of the five races that make up the clubs ‘Autumn Tour’ was flown from Kingsdown on the 7th October, 293 birds were sent by club members and a couple of guest flyers. The second race also flown from Kingsdown saw 447 birds being liberated and in the third race of the tour 395 birds were sent to Yeovil. Returns have been excellent across the board, the few birds that have failed to home on the day have generally worked their way back to their lofts over the next couple of days. Over three races the club and its guest flyers have sent a total of 1,135 birds to date and I fully expect to see the best part of 400 birds being basketed for the next race which is being flown from Wincanton. Speaking purely for myself, flying my birds as a guest of the club I have had 100% returns from all three races, accepted that the odd bird has taken a day or so extra to return, but all said and done I have not lost a single bird, I hope I am not tempting fate, with two races to go.

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