Jon Carson Consulting March 2018

March 2018

The Jon Carson Family

We are often asked why our business is called Jon Carson Consulting. No, it doesn’t have anything to do with famed TV talk show host Johnny Carson (although we’ve had many good laughs in our 20-plus years of business). We named it after our firstborn, our latest and greatest production at the time. Our personal and business lives have always been intertwined, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. 1994. Though our courtship happened off screen, our marriage and the early days of our family played out on the airwaves. Claudia’s growing belly meant we needed to acknowledge her pregnancy on the air, and it was rather big “news” when our son, Jon Carson, was born. Though we tried to keep talk of our personal lives to a minimum, we heard from many viewers who enjoyed being “part of the family.” The same thing happened a few years later when our daughter, Clare, was born. Claudia and I met while working for Channel 6, the local ABC affiliate, in

Viewers watched our family grow, and it fostered an amazing connection with our audience. After our TV careers, I moved into broadcast management, overseeing several large radio groups in Boise, Billings, and Spokane. We returned to the Boise area, where we started Tester Broadcasting and BOB FM, which is still a favorite on the airwaves. Managing and starting radio groups was the best education for developing the coaching model we use today. Our consulting has brought us into contact with a wide variety of businesses. We now have clients in technology, engineering, construction, health care, education, and more. I travel the country to do coaching and consulting, but most of our clients are located in Southwest Idaho, where we have many friends and connections. Since Claudia and I were a matched set in our television days, it is not uncommon to be asked where the other is if we’re not together!

How you communicate plays a big part in successful sales, and Claudia’s part of our business focuses on that. She sees to our clients’ PR, marketing, and advertising needs. Our unique skill sets allow us to work with businesses to hire the right teams and communicate effectively, both of which lead to improved customer service and better performance. And because broadcasting is in our blood, you’ll hear or see both of us on select radio or TV projects, many involving my first love: sports! Many of the clients we consult also started their ventures with family members. Husbands, wives, sons, brothers, sisters, daughters — they all come together to make sure their businesses run properly. We’re certainly not relationship gurus, but we often talk with our clients about family business dynamics — we’ve been there! We understand how important family is both inside and outside of work. We believe that if people are comfortable enough to invite us over for dinner as a family, they can trust us to help coach and guide their business to success. Trust isn’t given lightly in this day and age, so we know how important it is to communicate with clients to create this bond. Thank you for trusting us. We are so excited to welcome you to the family. - Dave Tester


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