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I would like to take a moment to wish you all a happy Thanksgiving! The holidays are right around the corner. The winter is approaching too. Do take your time to warm up your body before exercising, swimming, or playing any sports to avoid any injuries. The slip and fall injuries are common during the winter season. Strengthening the muscles of lower extremities will help you to avoid a fall, and working your leg muscles with weights will help you attain this goal. Also, practice single- leg stance while you are brushing your teeth, applying makeup, styling your hair, shaving, or washing dishes in the kitchen. Stay on a single leg for about a minute while you are near the sink. You can hold onto the sink if your balance is poor. Shift legs when you have done a minute. Being able to stay on a single leg while the other foot is off the ground will improve your balance dramatically. Research shows that, among the elderly, weak leg muscles combined with poor balance is the No. 1 cause of falls. We can avoid this by following the steps mentioned in the previous paragraph. Call us if you have any questions regarding your exercises and balance. We offer free injury screening to all our clients, and to their beloved family members and friends. FROM THE DESK OF Kaarthick Mani, DPT

THE ALL-AMERICAN DUO Football and Thanksgiving

In the 2009 hit film“The Blind Side,” Sandra Bullock’s character watches her family lounge around the TV, quietly enjoying a football game with their Thanksgiving turkey and stuffing. Realizing the need for family time on this holiday, she turns off the TV and orders everyone to the table. Her husband, played by Tim McGraw, protests, “But it’s Thanksgiving!” For many of us, that’s how Thanksgiving has always been. After the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and National Dog Show, it’s on to watching Lions, Cowboys, and Redskins (oh my!) play on the gridiron. It’s among the most American things about Thanksgiving. There were no pilgrims in tall hats and pantaloons suiting up for an annual Turkey Bowl, of course, but football on Thanksgiving is forever entwined with our history. Those holiday games have set the stage for some of the greatest moments in the history of sports. WHYWE PLAY FOOTBALL ON THANKSGIVING In 1934, radio executive George A. Richards moved his football team, the Portsmouth Spartans, to Detroit and renamed them the Lions. To give the team a bigger profile in a baseball-obsessed city, he organized a Thanksgiving Day game against the Chicago Bears and billed it as a major holiday event. The Lions lost, but the concept won. The game drew 11,000 more spectators than usual and was a nationwide radio hit. Thus, a tradition was born (and not just a tradition of the Lions losing.) As football viewership soared in the ’60s, other teams got on board. The owner of the struggling Dallas Cowboys added a Thanksgiving game to boost viewership. Now, as the world’s most valuable sports franchise (worth $4.2 billion) they don’t need the PR, but they still attract millions of viewers during their annual Turkey Day bout. Is it a coincidence

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–K. Mani

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