Floranova Catalog 2024-2025


Petunia pendula F1 PETUNIA PENDULA Hang Out

Early flowering with a controlled mounding/spreading habit, Hang Out is a great choice for growers and consumers alike, performing well in either smaller pot sizes or finished baskets. • Excellent colour range and less day length sensitivity make it perfect for impulse sales, even earlier in the season.

GERMINATION RATE POT SIZES CROP TIME AFTER POTTING HABIT Raw 85%, Pelleted 90% 10.5-15 cm, HB 4-8 weeks Trailing


GARDEN DIMENSIONS 50–75cm W x 15–20cm H


RaW, Pelleted

If needed


Hang Out Blue 70000700

Hang Out Blue 70000700

Hang Out Burgundy Vein 70021390

Hang Out Deep Rose 70007898

Hang Out Deep Salmon 70007901

Hang Out Pearl 70006999

Hang Out Pink 70000695

Hang Out Purple 70004045

Hang Out Red 70002889

Hang Out Rose 70007000

Hang Out Rose Morn 70086913

Hang Out Salmon Pink 70007899

Hang Out Sunshine 70106841

Hang Out White 70000698

Hang Out Mix 70121573


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