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Find Your Family’s Next Crafting Project DIYs From Across the Entertainment Sphere

Sleep Bruxism in Children Causes and Consequences When parents check on their children sleeping in the next room, they want to hear the sounds of easy sleep: slow, rhythmic breathing and the occasional sigh or two. However, sometimes they might hear a soft grinding noise. This is when a child clenches or grinds their teeth together, which is called bruxism. D iurnal B ruxing and S leep B ruxism In children, two types of bruxism occur unconsciously. Diurnal bruxing is when a child grinds their teen throughout the day, often without realizing they’re doing it. This is the easiest to fix because once brought to the child’s attention, measures can be taken to address it. Sleep bruxism (SB) also occurs unconsciously, but because the child is asleep, they cannot consciously stop doing it. Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast or brand-new to crafting, there are lots of ways to get your kids creating. For example, why buy merchandise from their favorite video game or TV show if they can make it themselves? Check out these resources for free crafting ideas to keep your kids connected to their favorite characters when they’re not looking at a screen. D isney -T hemed C rafts From“Star Wars” to all things Mickey Mouse, entire fictional universes can come to life inside your home and make your family time feel a little more magical. offers projects for every difficulty level. Many require glue guns and adult supervision, but that’s what makes them fun and interactive for both you and your children. Who knows, you might just find inspiration for other decorations in your home after a few Disney-inspired crafting sessions. N ickelodeon -T hemed C rafts Whether it’s “Blue’s Clues,”“Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,” or “SpongeBob SquarePants,” there’s no doubt that your little one is familiar with some of Nickelodeon’s most iconic children’s shows. offers DIY crafts that’ll encourage your kids to get busy and creative while decorating their play areas and beyond. The site also filters crafts by categories like Big Kids, Educational, and Noggin, so you even have options if you want your child to learn something while they play.

G eeky C rafts If your kids are huge gamers, is a great website for finding DIYs that they can get invested in. Not everything is designed for small kids, but there’s a large archive to choose from, and it’s not difficult at all to recognize what crafts will be best for your family. From Minecraft-themed building blocks to Pokemon felt hats, you’ll find lots of fun projects that’ll get your kids excited and asking, “What’s the next step?”

We hope these free resources help you and your family spend a little more creative time together! Have fun!

T he R eason B ehind S leep B ruxism A recent American Dental Association study has shown that the prevalence of SB in children is often associated with emotional and behavioral problems. The study, published March 26, 2020, included a cross-sectional sample of 556 8-year-olds at 20 public schools in Brazil to try to pinpoint the cause of SB. Parents and caregivers observed their children for symptoms related to SB and also provided information about any emotional or behavioral problems the children might be having. The study found that SB was a common condition in over 30% of the children in the sample, and there was a higher prevalence of it in children with reported social, emotional, and behavioral problems. T he I mpact of S leep B ruxism While SB is considered a normal sporadic condition for children, if it’s regular and intense, it can harm the child. Constant teeth grinding can result in moderately to severely damaged teeth, pain, and restless sleep. What’s more, if the condition isn’t caught early, it can cause severe facial and jaw problems, such a temporomandibular joint disease (TMJ). If you notice your child is suffering from SB, it’s time to take action. Talk to your dentist to learn what you can do for your child to help them through this and to preserve their bright, healthy smile.




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