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December 2018

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We’re Here to Help You Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

The PHIT Act, which would reimburse people for physical activity expenses, is also based on accountability. It’s not just a matter of getting money back; it’s investing in a person’s well-being. In addition to promoting overall health, the act would address the growing concern that kids are not as active as they used to be. When our kids were little, Linda and I were lucky in that we didn’t have to force them to go play outside or ride their bikes. That’s just what they chose to do. Our kids played sports, and of course, they all learned how to play tennis — an activity they’ve returned to as adults. Parents have a bigger challenge these days. They’re competing with screens and headsets. This means we all have to be part of providing more opportunities for kids to stay active. You can read more about the pending PHIT Act on the inside of this newsletter. We’re here to make maintaining your health easier so that you can reach your fitness goals with a group that supports and encourages you. Thanks for being part of our community. We’ll be here through the holiday season, so when you need a break from the festivities, come join us for a class.

At Fore Court, we make it a point to talk to our members and encourage people to use our facility. If we don’t see you for a while, we reach out with an email or phone call just to say, “Hey, we’ve missed seeing you at Body Pump. How are you doing?” Sometimes, we find out the reason we haven’t seen a member is because of an injury. Then we let them know how our trainers can help them with rehab, working in tandem with their physical therapy and using cardiovascular programs to help ease them back into their regular exercise routines.

I recently read an article about the PHIT Act, and it really got me thinking about our role as an athletic facility. Being a member of Fore Court means you get to work out in a facility with trained fitness professionals and be part of a community of people who’ve also made a commitment to their health. Our members care about fitness, and we’re here to help them reach their goals and stick to their personal commitments. The success of a New Year’s resolution depends on that accountability component. If your resolution is to lose weight, you can give your money to anyone who promises to help you do that — a weight loss clinic, spa, or personal trainer. But if you don’t get involved and make the decision to participate and strive for what you want, you’ll gain nothing. A friend of mine recently told me that he joined a $10-a-month club in 2016. It’s a national club about half a mile from his house, and he was excited to see what they had to offer. Well, it’s been over two years, and he has never been to the club. Not once . What I find even more interesting is that no one from the club has ever reached out to him. Not once .

Accountability is something we keep in mind when someone comes to our club. We see it as part of our role as a fitness facility to promote an encouraging environment. We’re not just a gym; we’re a community. You just can’t be successful alone.

Happy Holidays,

-Dave Morin

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