LIFETIME LIMITED WATERPROOF WARRANTY DOES NOT COVER: 1. Any other component or structural aspect of the installation site. Damage to surrounding structure, walls, subfloor, fixtures, furniture, underlayment, moldings, trims, subfloor heating elements, or anything that is not the floor plank or tile. 2. Anything that is not the floor plank. 3. Damage resulting from mold & mildew growth due to prolonged exposure to moisture. 4. Flooring that is installed outdoors 5. Floor covering installed in inappropriate locations is excluded from this warranty. 6. Any damages to other areas or components of the structure.


WITHIN 1 YEAR: If product is found to be defective, TP Brands will supply replacement products of the same or similar style, size, color, grade and gauge for the area determined to be defective. TP Brands will pay reasonable labor cost if it was professionally installed or will repair the defect. Prior to any action being taken, TP Brands must approve in writing, the cost of labor by a professional installer. TP Brands will pay 100% of approved labor claims within the first year. YEARS 2 – 5: Between Year One - Five: Claims on defects of this product, as covered by this warranty, that are reported in writing after YEAR 1, but within 5 years of purchase, TP Brands will arrange a credit based on the original purchase of the product or replace the product. TP Brands will pay 50% of reasonable labor costs. YEARS 5 -10: Between Year Five - Ten: Claims on defects of this product, as covered by this warranty, that are reported in writing after five Years, but within ten years of purchase, TP Brands will provide a credit based on the original purchase of the product or replace the product. Labor costs are not included. AFTER 10 YEARS: Claims that are reported in writing after ten years after purchase date TP Brands will provide the sufficient replacement amount of the product to repair the defective area of floor. Labor costs are not included Sub-floor irregularities can cause premature wear on the luxury vinyl plank wear layer and will void the warranty. Dissatisfaction due to improper installation or installation contrary to recommendations is not covered by this warranty. Problems due to moisture, mildew, alkaline substances, or hydrostatic pressure in the sub-floor are NOT covered by this warranty. Using non-recommended floor care products may damage the floor and void the warranty. Purchase of “seconds”, “remnants”, “mill trials” or other “irregular” (non-first quality) flooring material, or material not part of, or available from TP Brands are not warranted. The warranty only applies to new installs. This warranty does not apply to any re-install of product. Dissatisfaction or damages caused by improper installation or maintenance. Damage resulting from misuse or abuse including, but not limited to, scratches, cuts, burns, stains, indentation, improper or insufficient maintenance, use of steam cleaners, and lack of proper floor protectors and damages caused by pets. Discoloration due to solvent based polishes; cleaners or use of rubber-backed mats will not be covered. Reduction of products gloss is not covered. Fading of flooring that is exposed to direct sunlight for extended periods of time will not be covered. This limited warranty is made solely to the original purchaser of TP Brands Luxury Vinyl Flooring products and is not transferable under any circumstances. Limited warranty period begins on date of purchase. This limited warranty is expressly in lieu of any other expressed warranty whether oral or written. No representative, employee, or agent of TP Brands or any other person, is authorized to assume for TP Brands any additional liability or responsibility in connection with TP Brands products . EXCLUSIONS TO LIMITED WARRANTY Wear from chairs or other furniture without proper floor protectors will void the warranty. Indentations, scratches or surface damage caused by improper maintenance, misuse, negligence, Spike heeled shoes, pebbles, sand, or other abrasives are not covered by this warranty.

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