2017 Gildan USA Catalog (ENG)

WHICHEVER DECORATING PROCESS YOU CHOOSE, GILDAN ® GIVES YOU THE HIGHEST QUALITY CANVAS. This catalog features recommended decorating processes to get the best result for your artwork.

DIRECT TO GARMENT A specialized inkjet printer applies inks directly to the garment, where the fibers absorb the ink to create a very durable design. It works well for short runs or full-color printing on high stitch density garments.

EMBROIDERY Embroidery creates needle-and- thread works of art. It delivers a level of sophistication or perceived value to any project, and is a great choice for heavier weight garments that are not highly elastic.

HEAT TRANSFER Heat and pressure combine to transfer images from high-release paper to garments. It works well on light-color cotton, cotton blend and polyester fabric, or when you have shorter runs or turnaround times.

SCREEN PRINT Screen printing (or silk screening) uses stencils and ink to create designs on garments. Consider this approach for large-volume projects that involve cotton or cotton-blend fabrics.

SUBLIMATION Also called dye sublimation, it uses heat-sensitive inks to create full-color, photo-quality reproductions of digital images that last. Sublimation is well suited for 100% polyester garments.


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