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What Veterans Day Means to Jennifer and John

With Veterans Day approaching, it’s common to see the unfortunate statistics surrounding the many veterans living in the United States. Two-thirds of the homeless veteran population served within the last three years, and 1.4 million other veterans are at risk of being homeless due to poverty and lack of support networks. They selflessly give their entire lives to protect the freedoms we hold so dear, but when they return from conflict, they are cast aside. These statistics reinforce just how important it is that we as a community give back to those that have served our country. For some veterans, even daily activities are a challenge due to PTSD, severe injuries, or drug issues. Both John and Jennifer’s grandfathers were lucky enough to have strong support systems after serving in the military, and John and Jennifer are eager to give back by providing legal counsel for veterans in need. John’s grandfather, Seligman Kahn or“Sully,”was an Air Force pilot inWWII and a flying instructor for the military. As a kid, John remembers peering up at a framed map and handkerchief. On the handkerchief was a statement written in several different languages: “I’m an American pilot, and I was shot down. Please take me to the nearest American base, and you will be rewarded.”When John asked Sully about what it meant, Sully regaled himwith one of the greatest stories John had ever heard. “Sully was shot down behind enemy lines during one of his flights, and while he was still wounded, he gave the handkerchief to a young boy who brought him to an American base.”

Sully was shot down behind enemy lines during one of his flights, and while he was still wounded, he gave the handkerchief to a young boy who brought him to an American base. John’s grandfather was an inspiration to John and taught him that through hard work, you can pick yourself up from anything. Sully helped a lot of people get back on their feet over the course of his life. When he passed, it was remarkable howmany people shared stories of him helping their community. While Sully made a significant impact on John, Jennifer continues to carry the lessons her grandfather instilled in her at a very young age. Jennifer’s grandfather, Milton“Fred”Hodges, or “Pawpaw”to his family, is 93 now and served in the Navy duringWWII. He’s their oldest living relative and is the most generous, loving, and kind person you could meet. He’s a testament to how a person should carry themselves through life. He lived through the Great Depression, as well, so he has shown us the value of the little things in life. For example, while everyone rips through the wrapping paper on Christmas, Jennifer’s grandfather takes his time cutting through the tape and folds the paper neatly to use for the next holiday. After everyone

has eaten dinner, he’ll make sure there isn’t one scrap of food left on his plate. With him, nothing goes to waste. No matter what he was doing, he was always aware of his actions. Jennifer remembers going to Shipleys Donuts with her Pawpaw for breakfast when she was young. After they got donuts, they would take a walk through the“big muddy,”where the water pooled in the curb in front of his house. Those moments with her Pawpaw are special moments for Jennifer that she will always cherish. Not every veteran has the support and family that John and Jennifer’s grandfathers had, and without the right care or representation, many of them are suffering through the legal system alone. We observe Veterans Day as a day of celebration to honor America’s veterans for their patriotism, love of country, and willingness to serve and sacrifice for the common good. This Veteran’s Day, think about how you can give back to those who have served our country. If you or a loved one has served and needs proper counsel, never hesitate to reach out; it’s an honor for us to represent those who risked their lives for our freedom. -Jennifer &John Kahn | 1

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