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Did you know that optimists tend to live longer? According to a study conducted by Boston University School of Medicine researchers, people who look on the sunny side have an 11%–15% longer lifespan. Part of this may be due to optimists’ abilities to handle stress and their tendencies to set goals — not to mention their confidence in achieving them. With March being Optimism Month, we think these findings make it worth taking a second look at how we approach the world.We could all use a reminder to focus on the positive — especially when it comes to taxes — right? For the majority of folks, the approaching tax season feels, well, anything but joyful. We know thinking about taxes doesn’t exactly inspire a harbinger of optimism, especially when a lot of the result isn’t up to you but is based on federal and state law.When you feel like something is out of your control, it’s easy to blame a negative outcome on someone else. But we also know there are many outcomes in your control when it comes to your taxes, and taking a more positive outlook might help you maximize your returns this time of year. The IRS often gets depicted as this big bad cop that’s out to get us, but that’s

not the reality at all. Many of the recent changes to the tax code are meant to benefit business owners, not penalize them. Knowing how to navigate tax laws and make them work to your advantage can make all the difference. Many simple changes can help you keep more of what’s yours, like adjusting the way you itemize deductions to get the most out of personal expenses. By looking at changes to the tax code and seeing how they affect you and how you can use them to your advantage, you can keep more of your tax outcomes in your control, keeping more of what’s yours. Tax strategy is part of an ongoing conversation with you, your business, and us. Staying organized and planning ahead

takes the guesswork out of taxes and sets you and your business up for success. Now that sounds like an optimistic outlook! Inside this edition, we talk about the benefits of getting your taxes filed on time rather than requesting an extension. Trust us, it’s much better to not prolong the inevitable. As always, we’re here for you during tax season and all year-round! Let’s make the most of what we’re given to keep more of what’s ours! Until next time,

-Jeff and John Zufall

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If you dive deep into the tactics of successful businesses and startups, a common thread among them is that culture reigns king. More and more value is placed on fostering an uplifting atmosphere for employees, which allows them to generate better business.The general consensus says great culture is built over time and can take many tries in an attempt to get it “just right.” But one book suggests that you might not need to look very far to pinpoint the biggest influence behind company culture. In “Five Frequencies: Leadership Signals That Turn Culture Into Competitive Advantage,” a team of four authors compile their years of extensive experience working with companies to execute cohesive strategies for building effective culture. Jeff Grimshaw, Tanya Mann, Lynne Viscio, and Jennifer Landis have witnessed company cultures of every type be successful and fail.They concluded that culture doesn’t cultivate from the many but, rather, is affected by the few. In this case, the few are the leaders of the business. The authors assert that leaders are, at every moment, transmitting signals to their team, whether intentionally or not. Teams take cues from those who lead them, so if leaders aren’t dialed into the frequencies they’re giving off, they could be transmitting troublesome signals. Instead, leaders should always be dialed into their “vibes” and be particularly aware of five specific frequencies: 1. Their decisions and actions 2. What they choose to reward and recognize “Five Frequencies” illustrates how correctly tuning into these frequencies can give leaders the tools they need to make bad culture good and good culture great. Full of tried-and-true examples from real companies around the globe, this guide proves that culture is not something tangible you can hold, nor is it a procedural element you can simply implement. It’s something people feel, and it’s built and explained by the behaviors that surround it.This means it can be difficult to manage, measure, and, most importantly, change. But if leaders take the time to look at themselves and the actions they exemplify, they’ll have a solid foundation to start. Boost Your Company’s Culture With ‘Five Frequencies’ ARE YOU VIBINGWITH YOUR BUSINESS? 3. What they do and do not tolerate 4. The way they show up informally 5. How they compose formal communications

There’s no place quite like Ireland on St. Patrick’s Day. What was once a purely religious holiday to honor the legend of St. Patrick chasing all the snakes out of the country has turned into a global celebration. But if a trip to Ireland isn’t in the budget, check out these three little-known stateside destinations that are just as festive. SHORT AND SWEET IN ARKANSAS Thanks to the clever thinking of some Irish friends meeting for a pint at a bar on one of the shortest streets in the world, Bridge Street in Hot Springs, Arkansas, the First Ever 17th Annual World’s Shortest St. Patrick’s Day Parade will travel 98 feet once again this year. Don’t assume the turnout isn’t robust just because the distance is staggeringly low.The parade lasts for hours, drawing thousands of people to watch celebrities, musicians, bands, floats, and Miss Arkansas glide by.The event also features a Blarney stone kissing contest and a parade king and queen. A LITTLE LUCK IN AMERICA’S HEARTLAND O’Neill, Nebraska, is home to the world’s largest shamrock and more unique St. Patrick’s Day traditions.This Irish community doubles down on its heritage every March with a traditional parade, music, and Irish dancing. But the town also hosts a popular dodgeball tournament and donkey basketball. What could be better than pummeling your opponents in dodgeball and outpacing the competition while riding a donkey in the school gymnasium? Perhaps enjoying a pint or two with your teammates You may not be able to fly to Ireland, but you can visit a little piece of it right in the U.S. Head to Dublin, Ohio, this St. Patrick’s Day for a traditional celebration sure to put a wee bit o’ pep in your step. Partake in a traditional Irish breakfast or enjoy a parade complete with bagpipers and Irish dancers. Boasting one of the largest celebrations in the U.S., Dublin is an affordable alternative for those looking to celebrate the Irish way. afterward. And O’Neill is just the spot to do it. OHIO’S LITTLE PIECE OF IRELAND Celebrate With These Little-Known Festivities STAYING STATESIDE FOR ST. PADDY’S?


WHY IT PAYS TO FILE YOUR TAXES ON TIME 3 Benefits of Not Filing an Extension

extension can be helpful. But if you’re just disorganized, then it’s time to get organized. Do what you can to file on time, and communicate with us if that’s not possible. If we don’t have documents in to us by April 8, we’ll be forced to file an extension. Reduce your stress this season and get everything to us now! Do you rest easy knowing Capital Advisory Group is taking care of the tax strategy and preparation for your business and personal accounts? Let us know! We love working with you, and your referrals are greatly appreciated. Leave your review at and tell your friends and family about us.

TAKE A BREAK your taxes on time (or, even better, early!). You’ll Receive Your Refund Earlier If you have money coming your way, the sooner you file your taxes, the sooner you’ll get your refund. Why prolong putting money back in your pocket? Every year leading up to April 15, we see to it that our clients’ taxes are filed on time. Of course, for various reasons, not everyone has their documents ready by then. Sometimes it’s due to documents they’re waiting on. Other times it can be due to a family emergency. Occasionally, it’s just due to disorganization. Last year, according to the IRS, 34 million taxpayers waited until the week before or the week of April 15 to file their taxes — that’s too many to chalk it up to late documents or family emergencies. While filing an extension can be helpful to cover you when you have extenuating circumstances, it shouldn’t be your go-to option. In fact, there are a few benefits to filing

You’ll Reduce the LikelihoodThat IdentityThieves Will Nab Your Refund Each year, according to IRS estimates, $12.2 billion is stolen from taxpayers through identity theft tax refund fraud — basically, it’s when someone uses your Social Security number to take your refund. By filing earlier, you’ll reduce the chances that someone will steal your refund and create a headache for you to deal with. YouWon’t Have to Stress About Penalties for Late Payment Filing an extension is strictly to extend the time you have to file your taxes, not to extend the time you have to pay any taxes you may owe. If you owe taxes, then you owe taxes, and there’s no way to extend that. Filing on time and paying what you owe right away can prevent late-payment penalties from accruing. All this to say, whenever possible, file on time! Life happens, and that’s where an




• 1 cup graham cracker crumbs • 1 cup chocolate graham cracker crumbs • 1 stick butter, melted • 1 oz green food coloring (gel works best) • 3 8-oz packages cream cheese, softened • 2/3 cup sugar • 3 eggs • 1/2 tsp vanilla extract • Green sprinkles, optional

1. Heat oven to 350 F, and line a 9x9-inch baking pan with parchment paper. 2. In a large bowl, combine crumbs, butter, and food coloring. Press into the baking pan. 3. In a separate bowl, beat cream cheese and sugar together. 4. Add eggs one at a time and stir in vanilla. 5. Pour mixture over the packed crumbs. 6. Bake for 40 minutes or until the center is set. 7. Let cool completely before adding sprinkles and slicing.


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Stay Stateside With These Little- Known St. Patrick’s Day Celebrations

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3 Benefits of Not Filing an Extension

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Green Velvet Cheesecake Bars

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The First Day of Spring

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Celebrating the Vernal Equinox CHANGING OFTHE SEASONS In ancient civilizations, time was marked by the sun’s activity, so the equinox was a big event. For us, it’s a sign that the days are starting to get longer and warmer! Celebrate by enjoying a walk around the neighborhood or dinner with friends.The equinox is also a good marker for when we can begin to prepare our gardens for planting. Enjoy the start of a new season and a reason to come out of your winter hibernation! While it may still be chilly out, the longer days are a great excuse to get active.

As we move out of winter, we begin to hear the birds chirping, see the sun peeking her bright face out for more of the day, and watch some of the first plants emerge from the earth after a long winter. On March 19, we celebrate the vernal equinox, or the spring equinox, which marks the first day of spring, when the Earth’s Northern and Southern Hemispheres receive equal amounts of

night. It marks the day when the sun’s terminator (the divide between night and day) is perpendicular to the equator, giving equal amounts of day and night to each side of the Earth. We have a spring and a fall equinox because of the Earth’s rotation and tilt. EGGY ORIGINS According to some folklore, a raw egg will stand on its end during the equinox. This idea may have stemmed from stories of ancient Chinese communities, who were said to create displays of eggs that stood on end on the first day of spring.

daytime and night. EQUI —WHAT?

The word equinox comes from the Latin equi meaning equal and nox meaning


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8th Annual Shred the Clutter Event Time to shred the documents you no longer need. Go to to see what you need to keep! Bring everything else to be shredded free of charge.

Saturday, April 18, 2020 10 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

119 Old State Road Ellisville, MO 63021

Light refreshments will be provided.


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Sensitive Material That Can Be Destroyed On-Site in Pro-Shred Trucks:


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