A WORD FROM OUR CEO Kenneth Cochran, DSc, FACHE President & CEO

I would like to begin by extending holiday greetings to each of you. I hope that this Christmas brings many blessings to you and your family and that you experience the true meaning of Christmas with those you love most. Remember that the greatest gifts that we can give to one another are not the material ones; it is the gifts of time, consideration, kindness and love that really matter.

Christmas is also the time of year that we are able to express our sincere appreciation to each of you for all that you do for our health system throughout the year. We are truly blessed to have such a dedicated, hard-working team. Please join us for our Holiday Christmas Luncheon. Enjoy a delicious meal, visit with fellow employees and pick up your Christmas gift. Main Campus will celebrate on December 13, whileSouth Campus’ luncheon will take place on December 12. We hope to see all of you there. We have some exciting things to look forward to in 2020 such as the opening of WellSmart Health of Carencro, our new clinic and our annual Hall of Fame Gala on January 30 th . We will induct six more deserving individuals who have significantly contributed to the lasting success of OGHS. Please consider joining us as we honor, recognize and celebrate these remarkable individuals.

During this last month of the year, let us all continue to work together to provide the highest level of quality care to the wonderful patients that we serve.


Below is the link to this month’s survey. All employees who fill it out correctly will be entered into a drawing to win money in the OGHS online store. The next drawing will be in January. Be sure to fill out the survey each month to get more chances to win.








Opelousas General Health System , along with several other health related businesses, will be offering free and low cost screenings and information at our 13th Annual Health Fair . Also, in attendance will be health professionals and technologists analyzing your results and answering questions. What a great way to begin your “healthy” new year! SATURDAY, JAN. 11, 2020 8:00 am - 11:00 am OGHS South Campus 3983 I-49 S. Service Rd., Opelousas


FREE SCREENINGS LOW-COST SCREENINGS Cholesterol Peak Flow Blood Pressure Hearing Breast Health Ed. Glucose Nutrition Ed. Pulse Oximetry Grip Strength

Lipid Profile $8 TSH $5 PSA $15 (Prostate Cancer) A1C $15 (3 mo. Glucose avg.)

Cash, Debit, or Credit (no checks) Fasting is required for Lipid Profile. Find out if you qualify for smoking cessation enrollment including FREE physician evaluations, medication, and support counseling.

Sleep Disorders And much more!


For more info, call Carol @ (337) 948-5157




PHYSICIAN SPOTLIGHT Julian Krawczyk Radiation Oncology DECEMBER 2019

Where are you originally from? I was born and raised in Poland, then a socialist country. After I finished medical school, I was able to obtain a job at a large academic cancer center and that is how my radiation oncology journey started. Why did you choose OGHS? After I joined Oncologics with four other radiation oncologists in 2001, I was designated to treat patients in two centers in Lafayette and one center in Opelousas. At that time, there were two radiation oncology facilities in town. For a number of years, both centers were providing parallel services for the community of Opelousas with the use of similar technology. However, over the years Oncologics facility acquired superior new radiation equipment including intensity-modulated and image-guided radiotherapy. With these changes, both our group and OGHS felt that Opelousas needed and deserved the best available radiation services. This resulted in the joint venture with one state of the art radiation center which we have now. What is your favorite thing about working at OGHS? There are many things I like about working here. In the end, it boils down to the people both in the medical community and the patients. There are a lot of very good, hard-working people around and I feel blessed to be able to work with them and for them. I really enjoy the fact that we have now integrated oncology services with both radiation and medical oncology providers under one roof of Centre de la Vie. Now members of our community do not have to travel long distances to bigger cities but can receive similar, if not better, treatment locally. That makes me feel really happy. What do you enjoy most about being a physician? Apart from the opportunity to provide the patients with good quality care when and where they need it, I most like the ability to get closer to people in need. With time, I have learned that a smile and a gentle touch can help those of us who suffer physically and emotionally. What would you like everyone to know about you? I am a rather private person and have a very ordinary life, not worth much attention. I suppose I would like people to understand that I try to do my job well and to forgive me when I fall short of their expectations. What do you like to do in your free time? I like to travel in time and space. I like history, especially European where my roots are and as a result, I visit Europe quite often. I am especially happy about the changes in Poland, my former home. My home is here now but I enjoy watching great progress in the quality of life in Poland once the people there were able to shake off the oppressive communist system and were able to spread the wings of freedom and prosperity.

The following employees and physicians were recognized by the patients in November 2019 Patient Satisfaction Surveys. Congratulations to each of you and keep up the good work.


Angel Bowman Lori Benoit Stacy Celestine Mary Charles Jacob Duplechain Monique Fontenot Shannon Fontenot Mona Giron Gladys Grayson Sara Hardy John James Kimberly Kaiser Cynthia Lavigne Nicole Leger David Lewis Dina Marks Janine Mayer Christie Medus Jacqueline Melancon Hannah Neal Laura Richard Shelley Stelly Christopher Theriot Elizabeth Thibodeaux Robert Thomas Stella Turner Shannon Valmore Nicold Zerangue Paula Taylor




Dr. Hunt Deblanc Dr. Michael Felton Dr. Guy Godeaux Dr. Albert Gros Dr. Kevin Karam Dr. Mark Lemaire Dr. Mark Olivier Dr. Chad Rossitter




Admit Admit



Recovery Dietary ER-South
















Opelousas General Health System , along with several other health related businesses, will be offering free and low cost screenings and information at our 13th Annual Health Fair . Also, in attendance will be health professionals and technologists analyzing your results and answering questions. What a great way to begin your “healthy” new year! SATURDAY, JAN. 11, 2020 8:00 am - 11:00 am OGHS South Campus 3983 I-49 S. Service Rd., Opelousas

FREE SCREENINGS LOW-COST SCREENINGS Cholesterol Peak Flow Blood Pressure Hearing Breast Health Ed. Glucose Nutrition Ed. Pulse Oximetry Grip Strength

Lipid Profile $8 TSH $5 PSA $15 (Prostate Cancer) A1C $15 (3 mo. Glucose avg.)

Cash, Debit, or Credit (no checks) Fasting is required for Lipid Profile. Find out if you qualify for smoking cessation enrollment including FREE physician evaluations, medication, and support counseling.

Sleep Disorders And much more!

For more info, call Carol @ (337) 948-5157


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Hubert Jerry is being ​ ACKNOWLEDGED ​as the spotlight employee for December 2019. We would like to ​INTRODUCE ​Hubert, who has been a member of our OGHS family for the ​DURATION ​of 15 months. He works as an evening shift Environmental Attendant, in the Environmental Services Department at Main Campus.

Hubert’s ​EXPLANATION ​of his various duties:

Hubert is assigned to maintain the cleanliness of the offices in the North Complex. His primary responsibility is dust mopping, assisting with moving furniture, and removing the garbage. He is also responsible for cleaning the Cath Lab, ICU patient care rooms and the ICU waiting room. Hubert also maintains the safety of our corridors by keeping them free from debris and quickly addressing any spills. He also assists his team leader and fellow team members with their assigned duties whenever needed.

What Hubert likes about working at OGHS:

Hubert likes working with everyone in the Environmental Services Department. He enjoys being a part of such a great team. Hubert also likes performing his job, which gives him an opportunity to meet people and help them in whatever way he can.

What Hubert would like everyone to know about him:

Hubert and his wife have three children. He enjoys watching them grow every day. Hubert likes to fish, hunt, ride four wheelers and attend trail rides. He is most ​THANKFUL ​for his family, friends and his OGHS family. Hubert is most grateful for the gift of life and the new challenges he is able to overcome each day.


Dr. Mia Ben held a “Harvest Round Up” on Thursday, October 31, on the afternoon of Halloween. She made special treats for her staff, patients and their parents to enjoy.  She also invited OGHS to provide information about our Baby-Friendly designation, Pre-natal Classes, Nana’s Time and Shots for Tots.  We would like to thank Dr. Ben for allowing us to participate in her special day.

Pictured from left:  Elizabeth Henry, Infection Preventionist; Dr. Jessica Blanding, Pediatrition; Dr. Mia Ben, Pediatrition; Shelly Fontenot, Physician Liaison and Lauren David, RN, IBCLC.


The Know Your Numbers low-cost screenings event held at South Campus on October 25 was very successful. Over 25 participants took advantage of the screenings. The next KYN event will be held in conjunction with the Live4Life Health Fair on January 11th at South Campus from 8:00 – 11:00 a.m.


Recruitment is a major strategy to our organization as we attempt to successfully identify and hire high-quality candidates for the purpose of filling our open positions. This fall, Rebecca Cornette, our Employment Specialist, has attended many college career days and job fairs to promote and recruit for OGHS. Some events attended were: UL Nursing & Allied Health Career Day La Workforce Commission Workforce Experience Fair SLCC Career Expo La Association Student Nurse Conference LSUA Career Fair

She is pictured with Deanna LeJeune at the recent Career Futures Event.

Southern University Nursing Career Day LSUE Nursing & Surgical Tech Career Fair St. Landry Parish Career Futures


We would like to thank the Louisiana Hospital Association for recognizing Opelousas General Health System during the 2019 Pelican Awards Luncheon held on November 8th in Baton Rouge with the following awards: Pelican Award – Generally Speaking Podcast - Logo Pelican Award – Generally Speaking Podcast - Emerging Social Media Platform Certificate of Merit –Airport Security Tray Campaign

Pictured from left: Deanna LeJeune, Community Relations Coordinator; Amanda Fontenot, VP of Marketing and Physician Services; Shelly Fontenot, Physician Liaison; Emily Noel, Digital Media/Advertising Coordinator; and Peyton Miller, Robotics Account Manager. Not pictured: Andrew Brickley, VP of Business Development. OPELOUSAS ELDERLY AWARENESS SEMINAR

Dr. John Vallee, Urologist recently spoke at the Opelousas Elderly Awareness Seminar (OEAS) about the importance of prostate screening. He is pictured with Shelly Fontenot, Physician Liaison and Mr. Gerald Green, OEAS Director.


To express thanks and appreciation to all

employees, Team Extreme hosted a Cinnamon Roll & Coffee Bar! In the spirit of Thanksgiving, they also encouraged employees to write notes of thanks to fellow employees. Over 500 note cards were collected and distributed. Thank you Team Extreme for a job well done.


Gina Bradley Tuttle, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, has announced that six individuals have been selected to be inducted into the Opelousas General Health System Hall of Fame. The legacy of these individuals exemplifies service and dedication and will be recognized and honored during our third annual Hall of Fame Gala scheduled for Thursday, January 30, 2020 at 6:00 p.m. at the Opelousas Civic Center in Opelousas, LA.

The following individuals have been selected as inductees: Dr. George S. Bourgeois, Family Medicine (Posthumously) Dr. Daniel H. Buller, General Surgeon Dr. John F. Kempf, OB/GYN Margie Quebedeaux, LPN, Board Certified Counselor Darryl Wagley, Administrator (Posthumously) Dr. Calvin White, Family Medicine

The inductees were selected by a special committee of the Board of Trustees from nominations received from employees, physicians, and the community. “Through their dedication and commitment to our hospital and to our patients, our 2020 recipients lived by our mission of providing high quality care. It is a great honor to recognize these very special individuals who have given so much of themselves to OGHS”, said Ms. Tuttle As the presenting sponsor of this event, Mark Cullen, Chairman of Compass Health says, “We are honored to serve as the third annual presenting sponsor for the Hall of Fame event and are pleased to have such a significant role in recognizing these extraordinary individuals.” For more information, or to purchase tickets to the Hall of Fame Gala, simply visit, or click here If you interested in attending, get your tickets today as this event sells out quickly.


Opelousas General Health System honored and recognized employees who served in the U.S. Military on November 11th during a special Veterans Day program. Special thanks to Shelton Anthony, Director of EVS & Phlebotomy and Tracey Antee, Foundation Director for planning this event. We would also like to thank Ken Cochran, President & CEO, Julius Alsandor, Opelousas Mayor; Pat Mason-Guillory, Bradley Pickney and Tamesha Frilot for their participation in our program. We would like to thank all Veterans for their service.


Opelousas General Health System recently welcomed a special shipment of brand new state-of-the-art Labor & Delivery beds. The new beds from Stryker offer our patients the highest level of safety and comfort available. They are fully electronic, yet can be manually adjusted in the case of a power outage and are the only beds in the market with the “skoocher” element. This feature allows the mother to deliver without having to move forward; the end of the bed simply detaches. The new beds also offer fully mobilized stirrups to fit the body type of any mother. Additionally, all of the mattresses are specially designed for maximum comfort and offer pressure redistribution. The beds are staff-friendly allowing nursing personnel to easily and quickly adjust the beds with only one hand. We are very excited to make these extraordinary beds available to our new mothers.

How Sweet (Potato) It Is?

The Facts: The sweet potato, a member of the morning glory family of plants is not related to the potato, providing its own unique flavor and nutritional punch. A few local varieties in our area are: Orleans, Evangeline, Porto Rico and the Beauregard. One medium sweet potato has 103 calories, yet packs 438% of your DV (Daily Value) of Vitamin A, 15% DV of Potassium and 37% DV of vitamin C. Additional health promoting compounds are Beta-Carotene and anthocyanins, which give it the yellow, orange and purple color. The Finer Points: Peak season is October thru December, but are available all year round. Select small and medium for a sweeter, moister flesh and those with smooth, firm, and blemish-free skin. The deeper the color, the richer it likely is in Beta-Carotene. Store in a cool, dark, well ventilated place, but do not refrigerate. Bake them whole and top with cinnamon and pecans. Sweet potatoes can be cut into fries and roasted, or add to your favorite bread, pancake, muffin, casserole or pie recipe. “Bon appetit’”!

The Folkore: Sweet potato or yam? When the orange-fleshed sweet potato first arrived in the US, people only knew the white fleshed variety, so producers called the new comer “yams”, from the African word for sweet potato “nyami” to distinguish one from the other. This Central and South American sweetie has been tracked back 10,000 years in Peruvian caves. The Findings: The sweet potato ranked #1 among all vegetables from a dietary point of view and nutritional perspective due in part to it’s significant Vitamin A content. The orange fleshed sweet potato provides a good source of dietary fiber in protecting against diabetes and cancer due to phytochemical content.

Photos with Santa December 10th from 5:30 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.

Santawill be visiting OGHS at Main Campus (539 East Prudhomme Street, Opelousas) in the front lobby. All photos takenwith Santawill be posted to the OGHS Facebook page, however, you may bring your camera to take photos.


New Employees: New Hires



Rehires RNs

0 3

Overall Turnover Rate First Year Turnover Rate

18.9% 30.33%

Leaders are meeting with their departments to address the top 2 opportunities for improvement based on Employee Engagement Results. These brainstorming sessions generate ideas and suggestions on specific process improvements. The LifeShare blood drives held at both Main and South Campuses on November 7th were successful. We collected 23 units out of a goal of 20 at Main Campus and 9 out of a goal of 10 at South Campus. Thanks to everyone who donated.

Patient Comments

Liz, the surgery nurse was so kind and understanding. Dr. Gros made the procedure go smoothly. Monique, my nurse, was a very good caregiver. She treated me with respect and compassion and attended to my needs before and after my procedure. She was also very kind and attentive to my wife’s needs and concerns.

Jasmine on the night shift was excellent and very attentive. She was an excellent nurse.

I know the emergency department is very busy, but both the nurse and the nurse practitioner were well mannered and expressed so much concern for me. I greatly appreciated it! Everyone was great, treated wonderfully by everyone from triage to Dr. Kevin Karam. Nurses Sarah and Joseph, as well as the lady in Admit, were very nice. Security was very nice and polite as well. Mrs. Paula the speech pathologist and the young lady that was working with her are awesome with children. They made my child feel really comfortable during her swallowing study. The Posner Clinic has a pleasant and inviting environment with compassionate and friendly individuals to guide you through your experience.


Departments Above or at Target Outpatient

Departments Below Target ED, Inpatient, Ambulatory Services



Below are some volume statistics July – October of FY 2020.


July/Oct. 2018

July/Oct. 2019

Surgery Visits

2447 353 583 17,989 89.5



349 701

Cath Lab Cases

ER Visits


Average Daily Census



WellSmart Pharmacy of Opelousas, our retail pharmacy, as well as the Meds to Beds program, continues to grow in prescription volumes. The pharmacy is now open on Saturday’s from 10:00 a.m.– 2:00 p.m. Chastity Mitchell, the new practice supervisor for WellSmart Health of Carencro has been hired. The clinic is scheduled to open in January/February. Amanda Fontenot, VP of Marketing and Physician Services has been very busy recruiting for the specialties of Neurology, General Surgery and Rheumatology. She has spoken to and met several candidates recently.





The CDC estimates that nearly 2 million patients get an infection in hospitals and about 90,000 of these patients die as a results of their infection. More widespread use of hand hygiene products that imporve adherence to reccomend hand hygiene practives will improve patient safety and present infections. Plain soap and water is good at reducing bacterial counts, but antimicrobial soap is better and alcohol based hand rubs are the best.

The Joint Commission has proposed a set of Hospital National Patient Safety Goals for 2020. The goals focus on problems in health care safety and how to solve them. In this issue we are emphasizing the goals to prevent infection. Clean hands are the single most important factor in preventing the spread of pathogens and antibiotic resistance in healthcare settings.

When decontaminating hands with an alcohol based hand rub, apply product to the palms of one hand and rub hands together, covering all surfaces of hands and fingers, until hands are dry. When washing hands with soap and water, wet hands first with water, apply the recommended amount of soap, and run hands together for at least 20 seconds. Rinse hands with water and dry with disposable towel using the towel to turn off the faucet.


Medical Staff Anesthesiology 1 2 3 4 5

+7% From Previous Period 447,878 opportunities

4N/Med Surg Labor and Delivery

Main Campus 539 E Prudhomme St Opelousas, LA 70570

South Campus 3983 I 49 S Service Rd Opelousas, Louisiana 70570

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