Sales Leaflet Sigma VRF FSXNHE & FSXNSE

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modular vrf 2-pipe or 3-pipe fsxnse (standard)& fsxnpe (high e ciency)

Sigma VRF has been specially designed for easier installation, commissioning andmaintenance. Its flexible modular system achieves higher power combinations from fewer units, requiring less space, fewer pipe connections and delivering an installer friendly experience. Improved energy efficiency is achieved with a new, revolutionary DC inverter scroll compressor, Sigma shaped heat exchanger and new fan design to improve air flow. All units are compatible with Hitachi’s System Free indoor units, including Hydro Free water modules, for the most flexible VRF system on the market.

features and benefits Market leading SCOP up to 5.06 and SEER up to 8.33

erence of up to 110m between indoor and outdoor units

Wide product range with single modules available from 8 to 24HP (standard) and 5 to 18HP (high efficiency) Combine 4 base outdoor units to achieve up to 96HP with a single system

Improved static pressure (80Pa) for outdoor unit installation flexibility

‘Smart Building’ ready for future proof installations

Low noise operation, down -14 db(A)

Efficient defrost cycles ensure continuous heating to enhance user comfort

Smooth Drive Control adjusts outdoor unit capacity in 0.1Hz increments, expanding the working range down to 5% of maximum capacity for enhanced seasonal efficiency at part loads

Installation flexibility with indoor units up 150% capacity of outdoor

Market leading low refrigerant charge

User comfort ensured with variable refrigerant temperature and controllable

Motion sensor for up to 14% energy savings with System Free cassettes, ceiling suspended and ducted indoor units.

ratures to eliminate cold draughts

flexibility built in Hitachi’s System Free indoor units can be combined with outdoor units from either our Utopia splits or Set Free VRF ranges for ultimate flexibility.


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