The Nest | Vol. 2, Iss. 2

Hot Chocolate with Cricket


Arcadian Cove

Many may not know, but Kentucky is Horse Country! You can’t turn your head in this beautiful state without seeing a horse. But, to be honest, the team at Arcadian Cove didn’t fully understand how true this was until an unusual December event. In talking with Culinary Director Sherry Newman, the staff wanted to do something really special for the residents to celebrate the season and restore a little holiday magic…Magic that COVID-19 seemed to have robbed from so many. During a brainstorming session, Sherry suggested she bring her horse to the community. Cris Sexton, Community Director, had discussed this before for a Spring or Summer activity – maybe horse carriage rides or petting zoo activity; but winter didn’t seem the most opportune time. Until Sherry proposed ‘Hot Chocolate with Cricket!’ As the plan developed, the team at Arcadian Cove decided to dress up the courtyard and have the residents relax in the lounge in front of a beautiful fireplace, sipping piping hot chocolate. Then, one at a time, each resident would take turns going outside to have an opportunity to visit with Cricket and pose for a photo. The teammembers were all so excited for the big day; but when the day arrived it brought with it 40 mile-per- hour winds and some cold drizzle. After trying valiantly to push through the elements to create a solution, the team was chilled to the bone with frozen hands

and noses. ‘Hot Chocolate with Cricket’ was drifting out of reach. Just when all seemed lost, Cris turned to Sherry and said, “Do you think Cricket will make a mess on the carpet?” “She might.” Sherry replied. No matter. The Residents were already lining up to see her and the delight on their faces would be more than a shame to waste, so Cricket came inside; right into the lounge and in front of the fireplace to be exact. They were over-the-moon with excitement. Residents reminisced, laughed, shed a few tears, embraced, and stayed as long as they could, petting sweet Cricket! This was the most fun, hands down, that both residents and staff alike had had all year! Sherry and Cricket provided the smiles and conversation that had been squandered by COVID-19. We heard stories about farms, pets, horse rides and their favorite horses. It was indeed, a magical day that will live on in the memory of all those in attendance! Thank you to Sherry for her dedication to Arcadian Cove…Not just her job, but the mission to demonstrate exemplary red carpet service. She brought an extension of herself (Cricket) to Arcadian Cove to provide that extra something for the residents she loves and cares for every day. This type of dedication comes from a special type of person, a hero. And…a Horse Person from Horse Country. And… Cricket didn’t make a mess of the carpet either!



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