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Don’t Just Feel Better — Be Better! ASS E SS YOUR H E A LTH FOR LONG -T E RM WE L L N E SS

Who has plans for spring break? Every year, spring break tends to fall around my son’s birthday, so we take advantage of the school-free week to take a family vacation. Last year, my wife and I took Connor to Italy, and we had the best time. It was an amazing experience, and I was thrilled to introduce my son to some truly unique life experiences. I know how blessed I am to enjoy such trips with my family.

“It’s important to periodically take a step back, look at the progression of your health, and consider if it’s the direction you want to go.”

When you’re in good health, it can be easy to take for granted how much you are able to

enjoy as a result of your health. I see so many patients who struggle to walk or even stand, and they miss out on making new family memories as a result. Playing on the beach with your grandkids is out of the question when you can barely get out of bed. The work I am able to do often allows my patients to enjoy adventures with their own families again, and I’m really grateful for the opportunity. When a new patient comes in to talk to me, the first thing I ask them to do is assess their health. I do this by asking a simple question: “If you don’t follow my program, where will you be a year from now?” Nearly every single person gives me the same answer: “I’ll be worse.” There are a hundred different ways our life choices play into our overall health and well-being. I’m talking about our dietary habits, exercise routine, and even the medication we may be taking. Unfortunately, we don’t sit down and assess our health as often as we should. It’s important to periodically take a step back, look at the progression of your health, and consider if it’s the direction you want to go. One example of a health assessment is to ask yourself, “If I stopped taking this medication, what would happen?” If you know you would start to feel horrible again, then you’ll know you are going down the wrong path. Please note, I’m not suggesting anyone should stop taking their medicine just to see what would happen. Instead, I am asking everyone who relies on prescription medication to recognize

those pills are not healing them. Yes, they can help you feel better temporarily, but if your doctor diagnosed a problem, wrote you a prescription, and left it at that, then you should be concerned that your doctor isn’t thinking of your long-term health needs. Everyone deserves to have a doctor who really cares for them. You can tell if a doctor cares right away based on their bedside manner, and whether or not they are willing to go against the mainstream in the name of helping you achieve long-lasting health. These are the doctors with an exit strategy. When they write patients a prescription, they say, “You need to be on this medication for a while, but here’s my plan to get you off the medication and well again.” Just “feeling better” should never be the endgame of seeing a doctor. When patients walk into my office, I want to help them truly be better. Looking at where their health is, where it’s going, and what we can do to put them on the right path can help empower patients to enjoy the simple things in life — like spring break with their family.

–Dr. Bao Tha i

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