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The term “whole grains” is tossed around in commercials, on food labels and on social media, but it’s not a term that’s often defined fully. So, we’re here to tell you! What are grains? Grains are the edible seeds of plants that are either whole or refined. Whole grains contain three parts of a kernel: the bran, germ and endosperm (starch). These grains have lots of nutrients that positively benefit your body and health. Wheat, corn, brown rice, oats, brown pasta noodles and barley are some examples of whole grains. A refined grain is milled and processed, which extracts some of the grain’s nutrients. Examples of refined grains are white flour, white rice and white bread. Why are whole grains important? Whole grains provide antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, magnesium, iron and fiber, which are great for your body. Fiber is one of the most under-consumed nutrients in America, but luckily, whole wheat food products are high in fiber. This nutrient can help lower your cholesterol and help you remain full after a meal. In general, fiber and whole grains can also decrease the risk of heart disease and provide cancer-fighting benefits. How can you eat more whole grains? According to the Dietary for Americans (DGAs), half of your daily grains should be whole. Unfortunately, there isn’t a universal standard of how many ounces of grains you should consume. The number of ounces you need depends on your age, gender, height, weight and level of physical activity. For more information about how many grains you should consume and other nutrient intakes, go to MyPlate.gov. Besides seeing how many grains you must consume daily, another way to get more whole grains in your diet is to choose 100% whole grain bread, cereal, pasta, rice, oats and popcorn. Be sure to use raw kernels and air pop your popcorn for the best and healthiest results. If you need more whole grains in your diet, October Kitchen has you covered. We cook everything with the finest ingredients that are both mouth-watering and healthy. Try one of our meals today; your tastebuds and body will thank you. WHOLE GRAINS ARE EVERYWHERE! WHY ARE THEY IMPORTANT AND ESSENTIAL?



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