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The Lombardi Philosophy


T his month, we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day by dressing in green, drinking beer, and talking about the luck of the Irish. I enjoy celebrating this holiday, but when I hear the word “luck,” I don’t think of leprechauns. Instead, I think of a quote by Vince Lombardi.

“Luck is where preparation meets opportunity.”

As a football fan and coach, I’ve always admired Lombardi’s style and philosophy, so naturally, this quote is one of my favorites. And I readily agree with his statement. Luck is chance as much as it is anything else, and opportunities are presented to us in life by chance. Not everyone gets the same opportunities — that’s just how life goes. But when chance shines on us, we have to ask ourselves,“Have we prepared for this opportunity?” and “Are we ready to seize it when it appears?” Opportunity exists; it’s your job to prepare for and recognize it.

you look back on missed opportunities and learn from your mistakes, you can be better prepared to take advantage of the next one. Although I try to apply Lombardi’s philosophy to all aspects of my life, one of the greatest examples was my acceptance into law school. In no way was it in my life-plan to attend, but when my brother threw the idea out there as a challenge to me, I decided it could be a path I wanted to pursue. I was happy in my job as a coach and a teacher, but I acknowledged that it was a great opportunity, and I do love challenges, so I made a deal with myself. I would study for three months and take the LSAT. If I did well, I would enroll in law school. If I didn’t do well, I would stick with my coaching and teaching career. I often say that I got lucky on the test, but I also know that I put a lot of work into studying. Each day, I would stay late after school, sit in the football office, and study. I

often got home close to midnight, and there were a couple of times I even fell asleep at the school and woke up early in the morning. I wasn’t going to leave this test up to chance. Instead, I was going to prepare myself in order to take full advantage of the opportunity available to me. Because of my preparation, I performed well on the LSAT, changed the direction of my life, and now have a different career. Luck can be pure chance, but more often than not, it appears when someone works hard and prepares themselves for an opportunity.The harder you work and the more you prepare, the more chances you create for yourself and the easier it becomes to recognize opportunity. I hope you have a great holiday. May Lady Luck shine her smile in your direction. Jamie Johnson

“Luck is where preparation meets opportunity.”

It can be easy to look back on life and realize that you never took advantage of an excellent opportunity or you didn’t work hard enough to prepare for it. Everyone, including myself, has done this at some point in their lives, and it can be hard not to get hung up on those choices. But in my opinion, reflection can be beneficial to the present and future. If 1

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