WSD Strategic Plan 2023-29.indd

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Academic Achievement & Continuous Innovation We are committed to continuous innovation and use of highly effective instructional strategies that instill a lifelong habit of intellectual inquiry. To that end, WSD provides a diverse, engaging, and well-rounded education that challenges and inspires each student to reach the highest level of achievement.

Create, implement, and continually improve a district-wide plan for instructional programs, strategies, and assessment tools ensuring all learners achieve grade level proficiency in all core subject areas (Literacy, Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, PE, and Electives).


Provide timely and effective differentiated instructional practices that monitor progress, inform teaching practices, and ensure student

growth. 1.2

Collaborate as a Professional Learning Community to determine guaranteed viable curriculum, create common assessments, analyze

results, and share and adjust instructional practices. 1.3

Refine and build commitment to fidelity of district-wide initiatives and ongoing professional development that support the teaching of

content area standards and curriculum. 1.4

Deliver intentional targeted Multi-Tiered Systems of Support and interventions for all students to close the achievement gap through evidence-based instructional strategies and differentiated instruction. 1.5

Concurrent with instructional coherence, expand and create targeted innovative specialty programs across all schools in the district that cultivate critical and creative thinking by integrating problem-based learning opportunities to attract and retain students.



Establish a comprehensive district-wide arts program for all students.

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