WSD Strategic Plan 2023-29.indd

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FOCUS AREA 3.0 Fiscal Solvency & Organizational Health


We maintain the public trust by providing high quality services and systems by using our resources efficiently and equitably. WSD is committed to ensuring human and fiscal resources are effectively managed in order to support every student's educational journey.

systems to improve efficiency and effectiveness. 3.1

Work collaboratively with transparency to streamline district-wide

Refine and fund the marketing plan to promote the recruitment and

retention of students and staff. 3.2

Collaborate with all district departments and appropriate community partners to optimize financial resources and ensure alignment with

district vision, mission, core values, and objectives. 3.3

Provide fiscal oversight and accountability practices that are consistently implemented and monitored to guarantee effective

operations at school and district sites. 3.4

Develop and implement a long-range Facilities Master Plan to ensure effective use of all district facilities including, but not limited to, modernization of classrooms, upgrading of technology infrastructure, and enhanced safety on all campuses.


Examine investment and debt structure strategies to ensure the district is benefitting from the most financially sound terms and conditions. 3.6

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