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December 2018


Robert’s Holiday Memories A MAGICAL TIME OF YEAR

From all of us here at The Physical Therapy Doctor, happy holidays! We hope you and your loved ones enjoy all the warmth and magic the season has to offer. The songs, the decorations, and the time spent with friends and family may sound like small things individually. But

This gift, in particular, stands out in my mind because it gave me a lot more freedom and mobility. In addition to riding around with my friends, I could also ride to school and run errands, which gave me more responsibility. It was a sign that times were changing.

brought together, they sure do make the whole month of December feel warmer. Honestly, we could use more holidays through January and February to tide us through the winter. If you’re like me, once the weather gets cold and the festive lights start going up across the city, my nostalgia for childhood grows. I vividly remember my parents going all-out with holiday

Now that I have kids of my own, I’ve found that playing Santa is what makes the holiday magical. As Michael and Matthew grew, watching them write their own letters to old Saint Nick, just as my brother and I had done, was so moving. And of course, nothing compared to the joy and excitement on their faces as they opened their gifts on Christmas morning.

“As Michael and Matthew grew, watching them write their own letters to old Saint Nick, just as my brother and I had done, was so moving.”

decorations. My mom used to have boxes upon boxes of ornaments. Putting them up was always fun, but taking them down ... not so much. Today our home decorations are more minimalistic than before, but seeing the extravagant displays around town always reminds me of those merry early days of my youth. Of course, when you’re young, you focus on things other than the decorations. For my brother and me, this time of year was all about Santa Claus. We’d carefully write our notes, asking Kris Kringle for presents and eagerly await the big day when we could see what was under the tree. My favorite gift of all certainly wasn’t a mystery. From the moment I laid eyes on it next to the tree, I knew what it was. No wrapping paper in the world could disguise the shape of my first BMX bike. It even had the blue paint job I wanted. My brother got a bike that year as well, and as soon as we were able to ride, we took off down the block with our friends. Pretty soon, we were organizing races around the neighborhood.

Even now that the boys are older and the cat’s out of the bag as far as the North Pole is concerned, finding the boys gifts that bring them that joy each year is a great experience. My inner child is shocked to hear me admit this, but I can honestly say I prefer to be the gift giver rather than the receiver. And that’s why I’d like to now extend a small gift to you. Every year, our practice has a holiday party, and we’ve recently opened it up to our patients as well. It’s a great time to get together, enjoy some great food, and celebrate the friendships we’ve built over the years. You’ll find your invitation inside. Hope to see you there!

And in case I don’t get to tell you in person, have a very happy new year!

–Dr. Robert Morea 718.747.2019 ▪ THEPTDOCTOR.COM ▪ 1

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