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May 2018

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The Moving Parts Daniel Covich on the Holistic Nature of Law

Over my 25-year career in law, I’ve met a lot of interesting individuals and participated in a number of cases that had far-reaching significance. One of the reasons I pursued a career in law, and something that keeps me focused today, is that I get the opportunity to be the voice for those who otherwise have none. This manifests in all forms. On a larger scale, in my career before joining Herrman & Herrman, I was an attorney on a major case that went to the federal level. There was a Texas voter ID law that would have potentially prevented upwards of 700,000 people from voting. These are folks who lacked a voter ID, such as a driver’s license or U.S. passport. The Fifth Circuit Court found the law discriminatory, and the law was reversed. In this case, and in others, I’ve worked closely with the NAACP, an organization I have a deep commitment to. Through this work, I’ve been recognized by the organization with the Foot Soldier in the Sands Award — an award that honors attorneys who have made significant contributions to the NAACP. As an attorney, I can be the voice to help get a bad law changed, or to get an injured person the compensation they need. In many ways, law takes a holistic approach to accomplish these goals. There are so many moving parts in legal cases, and we can look at all of those parts or hone in on a very specific one. One of the great things about being on the Herrman & Herrman team is that one attorney can look at one part, while someone else looks at another. Clients get an incredible amount of attention, and a lot of that comes back to Greg Herrman. I’ve known Greg for the last 15 years — and been on the team with him for the last year — and I’ve

seen his commitment to clients in action, time and time again. He believes everyone deserves much more than the world wants to give them. I admire Greg’s laser focus when it comes to taking care of clients. This is a rare

attribute of a law firm of this size. You have over a dozen attorneys working together and on individual cases,

and yet, that personalized attention continues to shine through. That, in my pinion, makes Greg and the entire firm great role models for law firms at large. While I have a passion for law, I also have a passion for the great outdoors and hiking. Right now, I’m very much looking forward to my family’s annual hiking trip. My family and I pick a spot every summer and head out for several days. It’s just us and nature. We have a particular fondness for the Pacific Northwest. Last year, in fact, I asked my teenage son and daughter where they would rather go: Universal Studios or Seattle to go hiking. Their pick? Hiking! I have to admit, they left me impressed, and I’m certainly not going to complain. This summer we’ll be off to an area just outside of Seattle called Tiger Pass. The trails are surrounded by incredibly dense forest. You would never believe a major metropolitan area is just a short drive away. I’m left in awe every time I visit.

-Daniel Covich




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