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The Advantages of Labour Mobility Dialogue A Publication of the Ontario Electrical League Issue 41-1 • Spring 2019


Submitted By: Todd Clyde, CEO, Blue Branch M any parts of Canada are experiencing an increase in labour shortages throughout various sectors of the economy. Many businesses indicate the lack of skilled workers as their number one issue affecting growth. This means that many businesses are unable to grow or take on new business because they simply do not have the manpower. This is a major concern for our economy as it affects the ability for Canada to further our economic growth and limits small to medium-sized businesses from taking full advantage of the potential profits to assist them in further growth. Part of the issue with labour shortages is that, in traditional labour markets, businesses will look to hire from local resources. When the local resources have been exhausted, businesses may consider looking outside of their region, or, in some cases, outside of the country for certain trades that may not be available locally or Submitted By: Sherrard Kuzz LLP 1. Just because it’s legal doesn’t mean recreational cannabis is permissible in the workplace. The Cannabis Act came into force onOctober 17, 2018. Each provincial jurisdiction has its own legislation governing where cannabis may be consumed. TO ENSURE DELIVERY, MAINTAIN MEMBERSHIP! PUBLICATIONS MAILAGREEMENT No. 40032872

Editorial Focus: CONTRACTS

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regionally. There are a few issues with the latter approach. Firstly, the temporary foreign labour process can be very complicated and onerous and may not be viable for many companies to assist with short-term contract work (i.e. construction projects) as they cannot guarantee long-term employment to the individuals. Additionally, businesses are required to prove, in their application to hire foreign workers, that there is a lack of skilled Canadian workers

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Recreational Cannabis is Legal! Now What? Six Things an Employer Should Know

In Ontario, cannabis may be smoked in any non-enclosed area of a workplace (i.e. where workers may currently smoke or vape tobacco). Smoking or vaping cannabis in an “enclosed workplace” would be prohibited. As a result, if an employer wishes to fully prohibit the consumption of cannabis at the workplace, while working or when representing the employer (e.g. when wearing a company uniform, etc.), as a best practice, the employer should clearly communicate that requirement to employees in a workplace policy.

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