Dear Colleague, You now hold in your hands the answer to saving yourself a LOT of wasted time and money trying attract new clients and grow your business – not to mention the sheer frustration, disappointment and embarrassment that comes with getting little return on your marketing efforts from proven, field-tested marketing systems. Please do not regard this lightly . First , it is a private, invitation-only mastermind group of smart and ambitious peers who work together to find and share shortcuts, strategic advantages, big breakthroughs and answers to tough problems to accelerate your success. Second , it is an implementation program designed to help you put into action the marketing and sales campaigns that we provide. 1. Give you access to a safe, highly productive “brain trust” of like-minded entrepreneurs who are serious about finding faster, shorter and better pathways to success and who freely share with each other best practices, what’s working and success formulas. 2. Provide a structure for ACCOUNTABILITY and IMPLEMENTATION of all the good ideas, marketing strategies and ideas you know you should be doing, but can’t seem to get done. In fact, our members often say that the Accountability Groups are by far the biggest benefit of the entire program. 3. Give you advanced strategies on sales, marketing, time management and wealth that I do NOT reveal anywhere else, as well as more direct access to me, my staff and other resources to help you implement. What is the Producers Club? Two things really… The purpose of the program is to: Are You Finally, Completely Fed Up With Slow Growth? Are You Frustrated By Your Lack Of Progress, Stagnant Sales And Mediocre Success…And Ready To Do Something About It? If so, I’m looking for a SMALL handful of IT Business Owners who would be a “right fit” to join my Producers Club mastermind coaching program.



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