Why 1000s of Doctors Are Insuring With ChiroSecure

Why Thousands of DCs are Insuring with ChiroSecure!

Percentage of Your Premium goes to Support Research the World Over ChiroSecure supports research that has the greatest likelihood to show the efficacy of Chiropractic on longevity.   www.chirosecure.com/research/ Putting the Stroke Issue in Perspective ChiroSecure and our partners have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars making sure that you know all the facts and the best way to improve the public perception of chiropractic. www.chirosecure.com/perception/

Social Media Policy

ChiroSecure provides their clients a useable Social Media Policy document to institute in your office to protect you. www.chirosecure.com/roulette/

Informed Consent

ChiroSecure’s Informed Consent is so well respected that Dr. Stu is asked to teach Informed Consent to the colleges, state and national associations across the country. www.chirosecure.com/ic/

The Vaccination Issue

Minimizing Risk

Screening steps to make sure that you and your staff recognize patients with potential arterial dissections. www.chirosecure.com/stroke-strategy/

Recognizing the fine line, you walk in your office and with your state board when you discuss this, ChiroSecure took this controversial issue head on to help you sail through these rough waters.   www.chirosecure.com/vaccine/

ChiroSecure Hotline

26 Years of Avoiding Claims

Direct access to our Risk Management Experts where you will receive top priority answers to your questions.

REMEMBER - You purchase malpractice insurance to protect you from unforeseen incidents, and, if that happens you want  to speak to someone with a proven track record of avoiding claims.   No one is more grounded in the philosophy of chiropractic than Dr. Stu, but he himself would tell you that philosophy has no place when you are getting sued.

ChiroSecure LIVE

From our Virtual Studio to our website www.chirosecure.com/live-events/ , to our Mobile Apps in Apple and Google Play we bring you LIVE the top leaders of the profession, and LIVE updates as the news unfolds when you need it.      

 “Iamcommittedtoprovidingyou withthebestpossiblecoverageto ProtectYou,YourPracticeand YourFuture!”  Dr.StuHoffman

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