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From Garrett: Me and my wife, Amanda, had a great holiday season this year with all the festivities starting Christmas Eve at my Aunt and Uncle’s house in Ellicott City where we saw members of my dad’s side of the family, ate, had drinks, played board games such as Quelf (which if you haven’t played, I highly suggest buying it because it is a lot of good fun!). Then,ChristmasmorningmeandAmandatookourtime and enjoyed our first Christmas as a married couple in

From Jessica: My husband and I took the metro into DC on Christmas Eve-Eve going to see The Trans- Siberian Orchestra with my folks and brother.  The show was an amazing experience filled with LED TVs, lasers, flames and great Christmas classics!  The show was at Capital One Arena. My family and I will definitely be going again.  The main rock players were coming into the audience, taking photos with fans and rocking the Christmas spirit.  This is a great item to have on your bucket list to experience. 

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our own home, exchanging gifts between each other and our puppy, Ellie, who was very spoiled by Santa for her first Christmas. From there we traveled over to Pasadena for a couple stops at my Grandparent’s house for breakfast and gifts with my mom’s side of the family, and then tomy Great Grandmother’s house. Later that day, we traveled over the Bay Bridge to my parent’s new house and ate Christmas dinner there. The next day we spent there as well with them and my grandfather, who was visiting from Florida. We

adventered over to St. Michaels and had a great day walking around the town and exploring. And lastly, the first weekend in January, me and Amanda made our way down to King, NC, to visit her family for some late Christmas celebrations. We were only able to stay for the weekend, but we made the most of our trip, exchanging gifts the first morning and then spending the rest of the day watching playoff football and enjoying a homecooked chili and cornbread by Amanda’s aunt. The last day however

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may have been themost eventful, we were packing up to leave Sunday morning and while we did that, they started taking down their Christmas ornaments off the tree.This tree was huge! At least 12 feet tall and 8 feet wide; it was so tall that it did not stand up completely vertical, so anyways I decide to help. We all started taking ornaments off the backside of the tree and as I am reaching for an ornament higher up, the tree’s weight shifted and TIMBER!!! The tree came crashing down and ornaments shattered and fell everywhere,

but to be clear it was not my fault, but of course I happened to be the last person to take an ornament down. Needless to say, I left shortly after that. From Megan: Megan and her husband Steve were blessed with their 1st grandson the day before Thanksgiving. They went to Atlanta to visit him and just before Christmas to spend time with family. He is already a Clemson fan!

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