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Larry & Barbara’s “Clam Boil”!

If you feel like you have seen this one before…Congratulations! That means you have been receiving our newsletter for more than a year! The clam boil is a yearly event at our house with my wife’s family. Since my in-laws cook this on the grill they make the cut for the newsletter. Getting fresh seafood is key. Wash the steamer clams in water using a brush to remove any dirt. Do not use any clams that are broken or already open. Not all the clams will survive the trip home, buy a few extra. This year we added little necks. Not everyone likes steamers.

Prep (chop) the podadahs, you don’t want them too big. Chop onions into quarters or leave whole. Chop chorizo or linguica into 2-3 inch pieces. Corn can go in whole or be cut in half or even smaller. Hot dogs can go in whole. The hot dogs are a huge hit when kids are involved in the clam boil. (see picture of my in-laws and niece prepping the food). Next Larry and Barbara set-up an assembly line. They fill mesh bags with all the ingredients for each person. Each bag goes in the large copper pot. (see pictures) Larry selects his favorite beer and fills the bottom of the pot with water and beer. The liquid comes about 2 inches up the side of the pot. There is a rack at the bottom of the pot so the bags don’t sit in the liquid. This really is a steam, not a boil. I don’t really care what it is called, it tastes great. The secret spice mix is added! I don’t always catch all the spices that go in, but it can be personal preference. Here are some of the spices I see go in…salt, pepper, old bay, parsley (fresh when possible), celery seed/salt. This year lots of our fresh herbs made it into the mix. I am probably taking drink orders at this time…I wonder if this is on purpose? A whole potato is placed on top of all the food. When the potato at the top is cooked the food is done! The food is always great, but it is more about the people around the table. The “Clam Boil” is usually followed-up with some yard games like corn hole! Sorry there aren’t any pictures of the final product… once the food is done everyone is ready to eat.

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