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Lessons My Mom Taught Me

Every Business and Family Needs a Starship Engineer

I credit my mom with a lot of the success I’ve had in my life. My dad’s a surgeon, and growing up, my mom ran the business side of his practice. Before that, she owned and operated a gift shop and jewelry store. She loves business, and she’s good at it. From watching her, I learned that success is about more than just being really good at what you do. You can be the best surgeon or lawyer in the world, but if nobody knows about you, you’re not going to have any patients or clients. My mom taught me how essential it is to understand the big picture of Premier Law Group and to think about the business , not just the law. Education is a paramount value in my family. It mattered to my parents that my sisters and I received good educations, and I credit my mom, specifically, with putting me in a position where I could succeed in the school environment. Like any good starship engineer, she was proactive. I started at public school but transitioned to Overlake School when I was 15. My mom was able to understand the strengths and weaknesses of 15-year-old Jason, and she saw that I needed a different environment to succeed. Once I moved schools, I was much more successful. Just like a small course correction early on produces a big result later, changing schools when I did completely reshaped the trajectory of my path. My mom married my dad when they were just 18 years old. They’ve been married 60 years now, and together, they worked well as a team to raise us kids. She’s the engineer that kept the family — and the family business — together.

In “Star Trek,” the ship’s engineer, Scotty, doesn’t get nearly as much love as Captain Kirk does. More often than not, though, when their backs are against a wall, it’s Scotty’s clear thinking and forethought that save them. Despite the fact that he is an essential — in many ways, the most essential — crew member, Scotty remains largely unsung. Every business and family needs somebody like Scotty, and growing up, my mom was that person. She worked behind the scenes both at home and in the business my parents ran together. She always understood the big picture of where the ship was headed and in exactly what condition it was in. She made sure the crew (my two sisters and I or the clinic employees) understood her vision so that we could all row in the same direction.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom. Thank you for everything.

-Jason Epste in

A Look Back at the Greatest NBA Playoff Runs in Modern History The NBA playoffs typically rule the sporting world from April to June every year, so there’s no better time to take a look back at some of the greatest championship runs in the league’s modern history. and Kobe Bryant. In 2003, the Lakers were looking for a repeat victory to make them back-to-back NBA champions. Having gone 15-1 in the playoffs, the Lakers only lost once in the finals.

This is even more impressive when you consider that the teams they faced housed six future Hall of Fame players and none had any major injuries. The Lakers would go on to win their second championship in a row and win once again the following year to join the Boston Celtics and the Chicago Bulls as three-peat titleholders. The 2017 Golden State Warriors Much like their LA counterparts did in 2003, the Golden State Warriors were undefeated heading into the NBA Finals. Thanks to the addition of superstar Kevin Durant, the team’s regular-season record of 67-15 propelled them into a hot streak in the championships. What’s even more impressive about this season was the Warriors’ plus-13.5 point differential against championship- caliber teams, and they even managed to handily defeat future Hall of Fame player LeBron James when he played for the Cleveland Cavaliers.

The 1991 Chicago Bulls Many Chicago fans remember where they were when the Bulls won their first title in 1991 — in fact, most basketball fans know about this historic title run. The road to the championship took the Michael Jordan-

led Bulls through Detroit. Back then, the Detroit Pistons were known as the “Bad Boys” in the NBA, and they won back-to- back championships in 1989 and 1990. But the Bulls — backed by head coach Jim Boylen’s philosophy that every player on the team had value — shut down the Pistons on their route to the championship. The Bulls would go on to beat the Los Angeles Lakers, win their first championship, and cement Michael Jordan’s legacy.

The 2003 Los Angeles Lakers The early 2000s were a prime period for basketball, in large part thanks to Los Angeles Lakers legends Shaquille O’Neal

The Top Mistakes People Make When Talk to Their Doctors After They’ve Been Inju

It is essential to follow your doctor’s care plan. If your doctor gives you a prescription, take the full recommended dose and communicate with your doctor if the side effects you are experiencing warrant a change in medication. It’s important to understand the way insurance companies view how you seek treatment. As far as they’re concerned — and oftentimes, as far as the jury is concerned — when you stop seeking treatment but resume treatment at a later date, it indicates that your original injury was healed and that you are now seeking additional treatment for a different injury. For this reason, it is important not to discontinue your care until you are absolutely certain you are healed. If you’ve been injured, understanding what to expect from an injury case can be life-changing. At Premier Law Group, we’ve helped many people just like you, and we want to help you get every bit of value from your injury claim. Check out our free e-book, available for download at accidents.

One of the primary mistakes people make when talking to their doctor after an injury is failing to proactively pursue treatment. If you’re not actively engaged in trying to get better from an injury, you’re damaging your case. For example, if you miss a doctor’s appointment, it is recorded in your medical records as DNS, which means “did not show.” If you’re not doing your part to speed up your recovery, members of the jury will undoubtedly have a hard time sympathizing with you. Furthermore, remember that your doctor is a human being. If you miss appointments or routinely show up late, your doctor will be less sympathetic to your case, and they will also be a worse witness for your case.

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Tackle Allergies This Spring With These 3 Strategies

How to Stay Productive at Home

Spring has officially sprung. Grass is growing, flowers are blooming, and longer days are here again. And while the arrival of spring is a cause for celebration, for outdoor enthusiasts who suffer from seasonal allergies, the season is bittersweet. For many, this time of the year is characterized by stuffy noses, burning eyes, and sneezing. But according to WebMD, even severe allergy sufferers can enjoy the outdoors without worrying about allergies by taking the following precautions. Watch pollen counts. You can usually find information about local pollen levels on the internet or in your local newspaper. If pollen counts are through the roof, consider hitting the indoor gym instead of running outside. In general, pollen counts are highest on warm and breezy mornings and lowest when it is cool and rainy. Plan your outdoor pursuits accordingly. Change immediately after spending time outdoors. If you suffer from seasonal allergies but still love to exercise outdoors, build a habit of showering and changing immediately after coming back inside. While you were out crushing that 30-mile bike ride, pollen was slowly accumulating in your hair and on your clothes. And while 30 minutes of outdoor exercise will, according to WebMD, completely coat your nasal membrane with allergens, showering and laundering your clothing will limit your exposure while indoors. Medicate, medicate, medicate. Depending on the severity of your allergies, medication, not prevention, will likely provide the best relief available. Every person is different, so ask your doctor about the best medicine for you, and make sure you understand how you’re supposed to use it before dismissing its efficacy. Some allergy medicines can take as long as three weeks to reach their full effectiveness.

If you suddenly find yourself with unexpected time on your hands at home, it can be easy to feel sorry for yourself. So keep yourself active and engaged with these tips for staying sane. Get Baking. Now is the perfect time to dust off that Julia Child cookbook and get baking. Presuming you’re stocked up on pantry essentials like flour, salt, sugar, vanilla, and yeast, one way families can fill extra time spent together at home in a constructive way is baking. Baking is both an art and a science, and improvement comes through practice. Environmental variables like humidity mean recipes often need slight adjustments, and measuring ingredients helps kids increase their math skills. Plus, the results of your labor are so delicious! Which leads to the next important tip. Stay in Control of Your Fitness, Both Mental and Physical. Exercise is one of the most essential things we can do to stay sane at home. If you miss the structure of the gym, find out if your local gyms or yoga studios are hosting classes via digital platforms like Facebook Live. For resistance training junkies, consider adding some TRX straps to your arsenal of home workout equipment. If cardio is your activity of choice, consider running on streets wide enough to maintain social distancing. If you’re looking to soothe your mind, check out meditation apps like Headspace. Headspace offers free content targeted at living through adversity. If you’re looking for a mental release for the whole family, check out the free Smiling Mind application. It was developed by educators and psychologists and offers a wide variety of programs for kids and adults. Take the Time to Call. Millennials are famous for their aversion to phone calls, but according to Psychology Today, nothing beats an old-fashioned phone call to help people feel connected to each other. Video chatting platforms like Marco Polo, Zoom, and Skype make connecting with more than one person at once in real-time possible, so why not host a digital cocktail hour, join storybook reading time with Nana, or just pick up the phone and call that family member you’ve not spoken to in a while?



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Coal Creek Natural Area

Coal Creek Natural Area is a historic site that offers something for trail runners, hikers, families, and history enthusiasts alike. The area connects with the adjoining Cougar Mountain Regional Wildland Park and features tumbling waterfalls, steep ravines, wooden bridges, and multiple access points to the Coal Creek Trail, which can be accessed from either the Coal Creek Parkway parking lot or the Red Town Trailhead parking lot. The Coal Creek Natural Area features an easy trail that extends 6 miles and climbs 500 feet. Coal Creek Falls is just a quick 4-mile trip down the trail, and options abound if you’d like to extend your trip. For history buffs, information kiosks with details about the railroad and coal mining activities that once took place in the area speckle the trail.

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