Mild weather prompts CO alarm alert GREGGCHAMBERLAIN said. “Anything above 20 is not good.” chimney lined with large creosote deposits can create a risk of carbon monoxide poi- soning if a working CO alarm is not in place to give warning.

is kept clear of creosote there is no prob- lem. A faulty furnace can result in leakage of carbon monoxide, which is also heavier than most other gases so it will settle in the basement area or hug the floor in the fur- nace room and build up slowly over time. A chimney blocked with creosote may pre- vent carbon monoxide from escaping with the rest of the smoke and cause it to settle back down inside the room. The fire department has information pamphlets about CO detectors and other fire safety systems available at the station or online at the department’s section of the city’s website at www.clarence-rockland. com. Sabourin urges homeowners to have both smoke alarms and CO alarms installed in their houses. “It’s added safety you should have,” he said. domestic disturbance call from a home on Blue Jay Drive in Rockland Jan. 8. A shoplifting complaint at the Rockland Wal-Mart resulted in court summons for three youths. The trio was seen leaving the building Jan. 8 without paying for some merchan- dise. Each received provincial ticket notices for entering premises when entry was pro- hibited to them.

Carbon monoxide (CO) is an odourless, colourless gas given off through combus- tion. Most people know that car and truck exhaust contains large amounts of CO but not everyone may realize that home heat- ing systems like oil, natural gas or propane furnaces, and alsowood-burning stoves and fireplaces also produce a certain amount of carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide, when inhaled, inter- feres with the transport of oxygen through the bloodstream to all parts of the body, in- cluding the brain. It remains in the body for a long time before it may be expelled and can build up to the point where the body is starved for oxygen and death results. Under normal circumstance this CO is vented outside and poses no danger to homeowners. But a faulty furnace or a Rouge, QC, had a return visit to Prescott- Russell on Jan. 16 for his first appearance in provincial court in L’Orignal on charges resulting from OPP investigation of a Jan. 9 domestic disturbance in Rockland. Several officers converged at a home on Dalrymple Street with an arrest resulting. The Québec man is charged with uttering threats and with weapon assault. Three days later over the weekend several police officers answered a domestic dispute

Symptoms of CO poisoning include head- ache, drowsiness, fatigue, and also flu-like symptoms such as nausea. Opening win- dows and doors to vent the carbon mon- oxide from the premises will help. But if a person is asleep, they may not wake up in time to save themselves by getting outside or venting the room. Sabourin noted that mild weather like that over the past weekend can result in an increased number of CO and smoke alarm calls. Homeowners may build small fires in their woodstoves or fireplaces or crank the thermostat up for relief from the damp cold. If the furnace system is in good order and the woodstove or fireplace chimney complaint on Emerald Street. A 29-year-old Rockland woman is now charged with ut- tering threats, assault, vandalism, and credit card theft. An assault charge against a 48-year-old Russell man resulted from a Jan. 12 domes- tic dispute on Phair Court in Russell. Unwanted texts and messages left on so- cial media websites have resulted in a crimi- nal harassment charge against a 31-year- old Ottawa man after police answered a

ROCKLAND | The mild mid-January weath- er may offer a break from shovelling snow but the damp cold can present problems of its own for homeowners trying to keep warm. The Rockland Fire Department had just the one call over the Jan. 12 weekend and that involved a carbonmonoxide alarm (CO) at a residence on the west side of town. A faulty furnace was the culprit but Fire Chief Pierre Sabourin said it could have proven a grave situation for the family if a CO alarm was not part of the home safety setup. “The alarm went off and the index moni- tor showed 50 parts per million,” Sabourin

House calls end with assault charges


Russell County OPP made several house calls during the first half of January an- swering domestic disturbance reports. In three of the cases assault charges resulted from the police visits. A 34-year-old man from Grenville Sur La


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