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at the nationals. Chapman entered compe- tition in the 2011 Tumblers Classic and last year she joined Rosales on the podium with at the first provincial qualifier with second in the AA Canadian Pre-Novice Aspire cat- egory. Both have making the finals as one of their main goals in Edmonton. Alina Flo- rea, Tumblers program manager and one of their coaches, thinks they have a good chance but does not place any heavy stress on that objective during training sessions on the mat and with the vault, bars, and beam. “I always tell them ‘Competition is a way to get more experience,’ and I am looking for them to have a good experience,” Florea said, noting that gymnastics requires men- tal discipline as it does physical skills. “Gymnastics is mentally demanding. If you lose focus for just a moment, you can fall off the beam.” Rosales and Chapman, along with other members of the Tumblers team, spend al- most 24 hours each week at the centre, training, practising, and learning new rou- tines. Backstopping the mental discipline that supports them during both practice and competition is youthful enthusiasm and passion for what they are doing. “They have fun,” Florea said. “If you don’t love what you’re doing, you won’t succeed.” King himself was not present during the In View visit to the CIHA. But the host of In View will be commenting during the Febru- ary broadcast of the episode on the Rock- land hockey school as one of four specialty private school operations in Canada and the U.S. that promote education along with excellence and leadership through the me- diums of arts, culture, sports or science. The overall theme of the In View episode featur- ing the CIHA is “Relevance in Education”. “We make education relevant through sports,” said Randy Stevenson, CIHA head- master. “They contacted us because they were looking for schools for a program that has a positive focus.” The In View series concentrates on pro- grams that present positive achievements and efforts of individuals, groups, and in- stitutions. The show airs on both The Dis- covery Channel and the Bravo! satellite and cable channels. Larry King Live was one of the top-rated network late-night talk shows. King’s new cable documentary show, In View, has a global viewing audience of 40 million. seen,” said Bourdeau, during a separate Vi- sion interview.“We could not refuse this op- portunity in front of us.”

ORLÉANS | If they had wings, they would fly. For now Avery Rosales and Juliette Chap- man are satisfied with soaring through the air in leaps and bounds during their routines with the Tumblers Gymnastics Centre in Or- léans. Some of those routines may land the two nine-year-old athletes in the spotlight at the National Stream Cup competition in Edmonton, AB, at the end of this month. “I love flipping in the air, it’s so much fun,” said Chapman. “It feels like you’re flying.” Of the two, Rosales is the“senior”member of the duo by about two years more experi- ence. She began her gymnastics training at age three while Chapman hit the mat when she turned five. “My parents said I was really active and that they should put me in a sport,” Rosales said, explaining her early involvement in gymnastics. “I like being there and work- ing with my friends and training hard. The events are really fun.” Rosales’ first competition was in 2011 and last year she finished first overall in the AA Canadian Pre-Novice Aspire category in the first provincial qualifier for Ontario’s entry ROCKLAND | Camera crews are nothing new at the Canadian International Hockey Academy. But a camera crew linked to Lar- ry King is something special. The local hockey academy has its own student camera crew that films highlights of games played between the CIHA’s own squad and visiting teams fromother hockey schools and minor hockey leagues. Those videos help serve as part of the training program for the would-be future pro play- ers among the student body. But last month there was a two-man camera crew standing in one of the players’ boxes of the main rink filming CIHA instruc- tors running students through drill sessions on passing, shooting, and goal-keeping. In between filming the on-ice class sessions, the camera crew interviewed CIHA founder Robert Bourdeau and others for an upcom- ing edition of American television personal- ity Larry King’s In View series on The Discov- ery Channel. “It’s a special opportunity for us to be

Juliette Chapman gets swinging on the bar while Avery Rosales poses on the mat.

Larry King show shines spotlight on CIHA GREGGCHAMBERLAIN

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