Nilkamal Shuttle Racking System



We Protect your product Increase your storage Improve your Labor Productivity While enhancing Safety, Hygiene, & Ergonomics

WHY USE SHUTTLE RACKING SYSTEM An Intelligent Storage System provides sturdy & durable structure which lasts long & keep material safe inside. It is a space saver which makes warehouse more organized. Automated/Semi-automated system minimizes manual intervention & labour. Its safe design absolutely ensures safety of human & environment. WHY USE NILKAMAL SHUTTLE RACKING SYSTEM Nilkamal with its vast experience in shuttle racks provides you a better engineered product. Also with experienced installation team & time tested installation procedures, assures you of a high shuttle efficiency & better return to your investment. With its vast network, Nilkamal provides you reliable & efficient service for your costly shuttles.




NILKAMAL SOLUTION OFFERS NILKAMAL Shuttle Storage System consists of an automatic shuttle which moves within the drive-in lanes providing a high density automated storage. The material handling equipment places the pallets on the specified level in a lane. Pallets are then moved with a shuttle. The Shuttle moves the pallets inside the lanes swiftly and safely to the correct position. Moved by a forklift, the shuttle operates in every channel according to FIFO (First In First Out) & LIFO (Last In First Out) procedures. The pallets are continuously stored into and retrieved from the system using the shuttle and forklift thereby providing very high throughput. The Shuttle system is well proven for use in Beverage Industry. It is also suited for Cold Storage in Food Industry where temperatures can go down till -30 deg. Celsius. NILKAMAL Storage-logistic Solution increases your workability, decrease costs, accelerate processes and make them transparent. As a solution provider, we value your profitability. We spare no effort to warrant your trust a new each day with our service and the pleasure of working together. Due to our experts' exceptional knowledge of products, industries and markets, we find the perfect Storage & Logistics Solution for every company and every demand.


High Density Storage

Excellent Cubic Utilization of the warehouse space

Fast & Safe Storage & Retrieval

Deep Lane System with Higher SKUs

Higher Labour Eciency

Low Opex Cost

FIFO or LIFO Execution




In Drive-In Racking, Forklift Truck moves inside the rack for placing pallet Also for Pallet Retrieval, Forklift truck has to move inside the rack

In Shuttle Racking, pallet is placed in front and the shuttle moves this pallet inside Retrieval of Pallets is also done through shuttles





Low System Utilization


Higher Space Utilization


Slower Throughput


Faster Throughput


Higher Probability of Accidents


Low Levels of Risk or Damage


Lift truck places Pallet Shuttle on the rails of the row intended for pallet to be stored. The truck places the loaded pallet over the shuttle. Pallet Shuttle lifts the pallet, then transports the pallet safely and swiftly to the correct location. Pallet Shuttle returns to the end to store the next pallet that the lift truck has placed on the rails to be stored. SIMPLE STORAGE PROCEDURE


Console hold shuttle rails on which shuttle runs, thus console is very important component. In our arrangement, console is welded with hook connector & beam this gives more stability to rail & to improve working of shuttle.

Support beam at first loading level helps in alignment & reduces vibrations of the rail.

Rail Splices are used when 2 or more short rails are used to form the total rail length. At each point where two short rails join, a splice will be installed. The system align- ment is kept within ±15 mm to ensure proper shuttle running & load distribution.

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