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The Cuban sandwich is believed to have been a common lunch staple among workers at Cuban cigar factories and sugar mills in Cuba in the late 1800’s and eventually adapted in Cuban communities in south Florida. The pressed sandwich combines slow roasted marinated meats and vegetables.

Each Cubano comes with a side of sweet pickle and crisps

Slow Roasted Pork Belly marinated in garlic and coriander with chipotle sauce, pickles and Swiss Cheese served in a toasted roll - 17

Balsamic Marinated Cherries with goat’s cheese, smashed avocado filled in a toasted roll - 16

Smoked Chorizo Sausage with roasted red capsicum chutney, pesto mayonnaise and camembert cheese in a toasted roll - 18

Smoked Chicken and Salami with sun dried tomatoes, rocket and boccocini cheese grilled in a toasted roll - 17

Local Sourced Seared Sirloin with onion and fig jam, pickles and Blue Cheese served in a toasted roll - 19

Smoked Salmon , crème fresh, avocado, pickled ribbon vegetables in a toasted roll - 18

On the surface, a plate seems like a simple hors d’oeuvre. After all, there’s no cooking involved — just take some deli meat and throw it on a cutting board and call it a day, right? Wrong. For a charcuterie plate to stand out and have a well-rounded selection, some serious thought and preparation is required. Gluten Free? No problems! Just ask one of our servers for Gluten free options.

THE PADDOCK Beef Bresaola Chorizo Sausage Proccuttio Smoked Chicken Beetroot and Sage Dip Blue Cheese Marinated Olives - 28

LIKE A BOSS BOARD Cured Salami Blue Cheese Brie Cheese

The Vine Room Tour 10 people or more? Come and see one of our staff crew and we can customise your experience!

Aged Cheddar Smoked Salmon Mushroom and Truffle Dip Marinated olives - 29

THE GREEK Marinated Sun Dried Tomatoes Eggplant Dolmades Feta Wild Mushroom and Truffle Dip Yoghurt Dip Marinated olives - 24

HIPSTER BOARD Chorizo sausage Proccuttio

BREAD AND TRIO OF DIPS Pesto, beetroot, mushroom and truffle Served with crusty bread - 18

Goat’s Cheese Aged Cheddar Roasted Capsicum Semi Sun Dried Tomatoes Marinated olives Pesto dip - 27

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