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It’s time to break the bad news to your grandkids: Social media isn’t just for them. A study from the Pew Research Center found that 47 percent of baby boomers are using social media. Facebook in particular proves to be an excellent resource for adults moving through the later stages of life. This social media platform helps keep you in touch with friends, family members who live far away, and workplace

acquaintances who you don’t see during retirement. Social media can help you gather the people you want to keep in contact with in one centralized location. Here are a few things to remember for keeping your digital friendships enjoyable. Social Media Isn’t a Diary No one wants to see a feed clogged with posts from the same person. Your friends might like reading about exciting vacations or days with the grandkids, but they don’t need updates about your wait in line at the grocery store. Sharing TMI (too much information) will put you on the fast track to losing friends. It’s Okay to Hit Unfriend Likewise, if you find yourself sick of Judy’s moment-by- moment updates of her dog’s kidney stone, feel free to cut ties. That might entail unfollowing (you remain friends,

but no longer see their posts in your feed), unfriending, or blocking a person entirely. There’s no reason to keep in touch with someone whose very profile picture makes you angry. Check a Source Before Sharing Just because something is online, that doesn’t make it true. It’s just as easy for someone to post a lie about a celebrity or politician as it is for Judy to post about her dog. If you read a news story that gets a rise out of you, double check the facts before you hit share. Googling the article’s claims and main points will bring up similar articles — if those claims are true. This will help you determine if it’s breaking news or a big hoax.

Just 10 years ago, snail mail and expensive long-distance calls were the only way to keep in touch with the people we couldn’t see every day. Thanks to social media, we can stay connected to our loved ones around the world. Now that’s something that deserves a like. RELIEF FROMDIABETES

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After seeing an article about NSI’s treatment for diabetes, I was intrigued. I sat on it for a week then decided to look into it a little more. I was a little skeptical at first, because nothing ever worked [in the past]. I didn’t want to do chemicals or pills. The pills have always made me loopy, and I don’t want to be loopy. I don’t want to feel any pain. I want to do natural things. So, I was a little skeptical, but also quite interested.

In the beginning, when I came to NSI, my A1C for my diabetes was 10. I wasn’t happy and the doctor wasn’t happy, so

I said, “Okay, let’s do this.” As time went on, it came down — 7.4 was the next one, and then recently, 6.2. It was never 6.2! This was the first time ever! I wanted to be healthier, have energy, and be hopping and bopping in whatever I do. I have been moving more than I had. When you’re in pain, what do you do? You stop. And then, you get worse! So, I’ve been moving a lot, and I’m happy. –Jackie Howard

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